Monday, June 18, 2018

Although we never stop missing lost loved ones, we carry with us all the memories, lessons and values they instilled in us.

Judith Sutherland reflects on the best and hardest parts of being a mom.
white cat

Barn cat Betty White is pretty sure Judith Sutherland couldn't run the farm without her.

Carly Simon's Anticipation came out in 1971 and was worth every penny to Judith Sutherland. She knew the lyrics to every song.

Judith Sutherland remembers her dog, Chantico, following her passing. The tiny Yorkie brought love, spunk and a peculiar personality to the Sutherlands.

Whether farming large or small, so much is out of the farmer's control, buying retail and selling wholesale. It seems mighty unfair so much of the time.

Judith Sutherland had a modest childhood on the farm, but she'll never forget the day her father's tax accountant told him he was worth a million dollars.
Ohio farmland

Renting one farm while buying another, Judith Sutherland's young parents knew that land was a precious commodity. It was worth long days and elbow grease.
glass of milk

We each need to use our voice to support the dairy farmers who continue to work as hard as ever to provide so much.
children dancing

Judith Sutherland, her sisters and her cousins were part Broadway, part small-town chapel as they performed grand shows atop their beds.
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