Thursday, April 19, 2018
soybean harvest

Our fearless grain commentator, Marlin Clark, is brutally honest this week: "I am looking for something to excite me in the market, and it just isn’t there."
winter farm tractor

As it stands right now, the markets act like they have gone to sleep. But that is sure to change headed into the new year.
Corn snow

Harvest is winding down, although a few farmers are still chasing dry days before the cold sets in.
combining beans

USDA says soybean harvest is done. Not in Ohio. And grain prices aren't moving, says grain merchandiser Marlin Clark, who adds we are seeing two huge crops in a row, and the market does not care if farmers sell or not.

With more rain than sunshine, this is shaping up to be a difficult end to harvest.
grain dump

Strong yields for corn and soybeans keep prices low.
soybean harvest

Harvest progress has been good so far, but it looks like we're in for some rainy weather.
soybean harvest

At current corn and soybean prices, the farmers will resist selling as long as they can.
soybean harvesting

Soybean harvest is well underway, but corn is still drying.
Corn harvest 2016

Grain prices trending lower as harvest season nears.
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