Monday, April 23, 2018
fall field of corn

The fond hope of the Labor Day weekend was that, with an extra day of mystery and no trading, we might see some gains...
combining soybeans

If there is good news in the current grain market, it has to be that we may be making the harvest lows on negative news ahead of the actual harvest, says grain expert Marlin Clark.
soybean harvesting

What does USDA think we will see for crop production? Everyone is waiting for the latest report on Aug. 10.
Money markets graphic

The crop and weather condition aren't exactly leading to the markets most would expect.

This week the support for corn prices is not weather worries, but the reality that the weather so far has produced a crop that is still declining in condition.
Wheat harvest

Weather and crop condition pushed grain prices dramatically higher on the Chicago Board of Trade this Turnaround Tuesday morning, July 18. Corn is up 12 cents, Soybeans are up about 14, and the wheat is almost a dime higher.
wheat harvest

Is the current change in grain market prices a correction, or is it a reality change brought by a change in attitude or weather forecast? Our fearless grain commentator Marlin Clark weighs in.
wheat harvest

Price revisions from the Chicago Board of Trade, a surprising end of week USDA crop report, and a holiday shortening up early week trading made for an exciting and confusing weekend in grain trade.
emerging corn

Needed rain has helped the crop condition, but the markets are going the other direction.
emerging corn

From our fearless grain commentator Marlin Clark this week: It would seem that the market is more worried about crop condition than about acres.
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