Thursday, February 22, 2018
market chart graphic

Farmer marketing is an art, not a science. Sometimes it feels good to eat the mouse, but it is always more comfortable to nibble along on worms.
corn kernels and dollar bills

We got down to the new market low, then we have struggled to get off it.
harvesting and pouring corn

Maybe the only good news is that the corn and beans have not fallen through support and may bounce higher.

The hope that the Monday markets represented a return to bullishness was dashed early Tuesday.
grain bins

The end of winter is in sight, and the end to the winter price doldrums is not. We need news to spark this market, says our fearless grain commentator Marlin Clark.
grain dump

Conclusions and directions are hard to wrest out of this market.
corn and voter button

Punxsutawney Phil has gone back underground, but farmers need to be up and alert, looking for grain marketing opportunities.
harvesting and pouring corn

In northeast Ohio, farmers are mostly standing on the carpet in front of the Farm Credit officer, trying to get the line of credit renewed, and trying to explain why they are still sitting on most of their corn and beans.
grain bins

The long weekend seemed to help the grain markets, at least for a while.
market chart graphic

I have long held our modest hope that we would see some rebound in prices after the holidays.
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