Sunday, January 20, 2019
Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Editor:United Local school district residents have the opportunity to vote May 3 on a 3.92 mill bond issue for $9.75 million. If approved, United...

Of all antibiotics used in the United States, only 6.1 percent are used for growth promotion in food-producing animals, so don't blame livestock producers for antibiotic resistance.

Agriculture lost its voice in the recent Florida ballot issue to prohibit the use of gestation stalls for sows.

Editor:In Editor Susan Crowell's Sept. 9 column, "Obama school speech furor: You can tell it was a slow news day," you dismissed as unwarranted...

Editor:Taxation without representation, property tax to pay for public education, double and triple taxation standards, tax on social security and unemployment benefits, excessive and...

This reader encourages ATV riders to ask first and ride later.

We, in the agricultural community, would like to remind you that every day is "food day" and celebrating should be done with each meal, whether the food comes from your garden, farmers market, grocery store or the local food pantry.

Gone are the days when simply running the township or county dump accounted for local trash disposal policy.

Polly Britton shares her thoughts on Senate Bill 310.

Editor,Recently, the Progressive Agriculture Organization (Pro Ag) and the Pennsylvania Farmers Union (PFU) held a dairy rally at the Roseville Grange in Brookville, Pa....
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