Friday, January 17, 2020
Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Farmer-reader appreciated that the late Jim Traficant not only listened, but delivered strong, passionate explanations to the other members of the House to present the message of his constituents.

The emergence of partisan politics has corrupted the electoral college by exacting advance pledges from the electors.

Editor:On the way back from the mailbox to retrieve the newspaper, I was struck by what seemed like the 30th bad news headline in...

Landowner says: We don't have a problem with the natural gas storage field, but we do have a problem with Columbia Gas and NiSource claiming they own our minerals.

The president and chief executive officer for Farm Credit Services of Mid-America writes to refute an Alan Guebert column.

Reader: If the RFS waiver is granted, the negative impact on Ohio's agriculture and ethanol industry will be overwhelming

A reader says the legislation Taft plans to support seems a token gesture rather than a plan.

Former 4-H'er encourages voters to support upcoming levy.

Editor: It seems like the only time anybody ever focuses closely upon the operations of our county government is during election season. This is...

Reader asks how 60-75 percent of pupils can make the honor roll.