Wednesday, July 15, 2020

WASHINGTON - Funny thing about averages, they rarely paint a true picture. It's like standing with one foot in a bucket with boiling water and the other foot in a bucket of ice.
tractor fertilizer

A new computer program could help farmers control their nitrogen fertilizer usage.
teal pumpkin

A teal pumpkin outside of someone's house lets kids with food allergies know that they have non-food treats.

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. -- The Equine Experience at Penn State's Ag Progress Days has a history of delivering attractions and activities that educate and...

WASHINGTON - The House recently passed by voice vote the

HARRISBURG, Pa. -- The Pennsylvania State Executive Director for the USDA Farm Service Agency Bill Wehry said that CQ Fire Makers, LLC biomass conversion...

Several years ago, clashing opinions about Dutch dairymen immigrating to Ohio flipped agricultural communities upside down, pitting neighbor against neighbor. Even though many of the farms have been here for years now, some citizens' fervor continues to burn.

ODNR to discuss abandoned mine land projects in northeastern Ohio.

ADAMSVILLE, Pa. - Most of Jeff Raney's conservation work on his combined 250-acre dairy farms in Adamsville, Pa.

The Burton Geauga Dairymen 4-H club and the Bowerstown Silver Spurs 4-H Club share club news.