Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Show set for May 9 at Warren-Trumbull County library.

Editor:Voters will decide whether or not to amend Ohio's Constitution for the purpose of creating a 13-member Livestock Care Standards Board that will essentially...

HARRISBURG, Pa. -- Department of Environmental Protection Secretary John Hanger congratulated members of Delaware County's Penncrest High School Envirothon Team for taking first place...

Boxwood Blight, a devastating pest to boxwoods, has been identified in West Virginia retail locations.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Cattle industry groups have agreed on 12 principles in the development of a cattle disease traceability identification system and submitted...

AMES, Iowa - Synchronizing the breeding season in beef cattle herds allows producers the opportunity to use artificial insemination (AI) with reduced labor.

National Farm Bureau conference speakers urge landowners to do their homework and to consider other options.

TOPEKA, Kan. - How much did the 2003 mad cow disease announcement cost U.S. beef producers? The most significant economic impact of BSE is from lost beef export markets, observed Kansas Secretary of Agriculture Adrian Polansky.

University of Illinois dairy nutrition expert Michael Hutjens shared his feed additive recommendations with nearly 200 dairymen and industry representatives attending the Northeast Ohio Dairy Management Conference.
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Kent State University at Trumbull has renewed campus scholarships for the 2018-19 school year.