Thursday, October 17, 2019
Jefferson County, Pa., map

USDA has confirmed rabbit hemorrhagic disease (RHD) in two pet rabbits that died Dec. 7 in Clover Township, Jefferson County, Pennsylvania.

It seems each year about this time that ringworm becomes a concern, especially with those youth who exhibit their beef cattle projects.

This is a sidebar to our main feature on meat goats. Click here for that article. WOOSTER, Ohio -- Meat goat producers like Marty...
Ohio dairyman Matt Saul

Dairy expert: We’ve got more dairy farmers on the ropes this year than we’ve seen in the last two to three years. And some farmers won't bounce back.

A fire destroyed a barn Friday morning at Yeck Farms in Freedom, Pa. No one was injured and animals in the barn got out safely.

BURTON, Ohio - When you pay your real estate taxes this year, do you want your farmland taxed at its market value, which may be $3,293 an acre? Or do you want it taxed at its agricultural value, which may be $448? Unless you enjoy handing your money over to the government, you'd probably rather take the agricultural value.
Farm utility vehicle

New laws allow farm utility vehicles to travel on all roads in Ohio, except highways. Pennsylvania's laws differ based on municipality.
holstein record Ever-Green-View My Gold-ET

A Holstein cow in Wisconsin, Ever-Green-View My Gold-ET, has set a new single-lactation national milk production record: a 365-day record of 77,480 pounds of milk.

Learn more about the enormous chicken that stumped and amazed Twitter users as they retweeted its video over 30,000 times and liked it over 43,000 times.

CARROLLTON, Ohio -- Every year, rural electric cooperatives across the country cope with thieves -- folks who deliberately tamper with their electric meter to...
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