Friday, March 5, 2021
tractors in a line

Doug Dye was a glass half full kind of guy. The only thing he loved more than his cows was his family.
nicholas meat facility

Nicholas Meat shut down after the Pennsylvania DEP ordered it to stop spreading food processing waste from its facility onto snow-covered ground.
Contracting chickens

Nate and Hannah Malmsberry were planning for contract chickens before they said, I do. Along with 300 growers across Ohio, they manage every flock detail.
Farm utility vehicle

New laws allow farm utility vehicles to travel on all roads in Ohio, except highways. Pennsylvania's laws differ based on municipality.
Prison farm dairy parlor

A report from the Ohio Inspector General says that closing the new cattle and milking facilities actually cost taxpayers about $13 million, because of interest on state bonds.
Rhett Acker group

Wayne County man remembered for his influence on agriculture and others.

Dates on packages don't always mean what you think.
The midway at the Canfield Fair.

On May 28, Gov. Mike DeWine released his guidelines for county and independent fairs.  They boil down to this: local fairs should decide for themselves.
Medina shed fire

A Medina County farmer is recovering from a weekend fire that destroyed more than $7.5 million in equipment.

It seems each year about this time that ringworm becomes a concern, especially with those youth who exhibit their beef cattle projects.