Wednesday, July 15, 2020

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. -- Bryan Swistock is sort of the Dr. Phil for pond owners -- they call him when they are having problems....
4-H'ers stand behind a table with their market ducks in a show ring.

A lot changed between when the Harrison County Fair book went to the printer, and when the fair’s 2020 shows began June 24. But from June 24-26, 4-H'ers still gathered to show and sell their market projects at the 2020 fair.
A woman pulls a cover off of a tractor engine.

When Chip Benton, an ag mechanic, was diagnosed with FTD-MND, he still had some tractors and other projects to finish. FTD-MND makes working on tractors difficult, so his children, Erica and JD, have been working as his hands and feet on the projects.

URBANA, Ill. -- Cicada killers (Sphecius speciosus) are solitary wasps with yellow banding on their abdomens. They appear in late July and early August...
Cars line up next to concessionaires' stands at the Canfield Fairgrounds.

It’s not fair season quite yet. For some counties, fair season isn’t going to look the same this year at all. But with concessionaires showing up to events at fairgrounds around the state, people don’t have to wait for fair season to get their fair food.

'The Ohio Farm Bureau is supposed to protect the interests of the farmers; instead they handed poultry, pork and beef farmers over to HSUS on a platter along with the exotic animal owners and dog breeders.'

HSUS objects to Ohio care board's decision on veal standards.

Opponents and proponents have weighed in. Now the committee will review proposed amendments.
hunter loading rifle orange vest

Adult and youth applications to participate in Geauga Park District's 2020-21 Controlled Hunting Program for White-tailed Deer are being accepted.

Learn more about different types of 4-H rabbit projects, how to choose a breed and how to care for rabbits.