Thursday, February 11, 2016
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This week's round-up includes news from the Black River and Northwestern FFA chapters.
Carroll County pipelines under construction.

There are 14 rigs currently drilling in the Utica shale.
corn kernels and dollar bills

Ohio land owners have taken multiple steps to appeal the recent rise in CAUV rates.
Columbiana fair

The Columbiana County Fair was unable to secure a major donation it had planned to use on the new grandstand.
Utica shale well in Carroll County.

The oil and gas slow down in the United States may provide the chance to get ready for the next boom in the shale region.

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From its unconventional marketing techniques and a strong stance on GMOs and large-scale meat production, Chipotle is trying once again to gain customers’ trust.
cattle grazing in snow

Extreme cold or rapidly changing weather can lower animals’ immune response, leaving them more susceptible to disease.
grapes growing on vine

The conference will feature a number of experts from around the country who will cover key topics for the industry — including fruit quality, winemaking and product branding practices, and spring frost protection.
painting wall

According to Department of Health, the primary source of childhood lead poisoning in Pennsylvania continues to be exposure to aging, deteriorating lead-based paint (chips and dust), and not drinking water.
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