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Let's Talk Rusty Iron

Let's Talk Rusty Iron

Farm Journal 1957

Sam Moore reviews the December 1957 issue of Farm Journal magazine to get a glimpse of what the holidays were like 60 years ago.
Rusty iron banner

Sam Moore details the early career of William Hazlett Upson, the author of the Alexander Botts adventures, published from the 1920s into the '60s.

In the November 1928 issue of The American Thresherman magazine “Aunt Malinda” wrote of a recent Thanksgiving with she and “Uncle Silas.”

Although Deere history gives credit for the steel plow to Deere, Case, who later owned Andrus' plow company, cites Leonard Andrus and never mentions Deere.
Corn husking

During the 1920s, the pros and cons of the new-fangled machines were hotly debated in the farm press.
Autonomous tractor

Bascom B. Clarke, "The Old Machine Man," would never believe agriculture today — the crop yields and the automated farm equipment.

Before there was a way to haul loose grain, it was sacked out of the threshing machine.

Since their early days, American sawmills have come a long way.

One hundred years ago, very few farms had electricity of any kind and an article in the December 1917 issue of Gas Review magazine told of its benefits.

The Complete Official Road Guide of the Lincoln Highway gives background, describes the route, and gives traveler tips and a cross-country trip supply list.
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