Saturday, June 25, 2016

When you have the futures market $2 above the cash market, your intuition is that the market is just broken. How ag economists solved the mystery.
dog in snow

Pets need the same amount of care during the winter as people do.

Cropping systems specialists from Kansas State University and Purdue University have completed a comprehensive review of corn research in the U.S. and worldwide over the past 100 years.
cows at trough during the winter

The extreme cold weather we have been experiencing often times prompts radio and TV newscasts to remind us of items such as to keep your pets inside and how to care for your pets during the cold weather.
Week in Review 1/10

The top stories for the week of Jan. 4 to Jan. 10, 2015.

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"Heritage" is an umbrella term that embraces pure breeds of livestock and poultry with deep histories in the United States. And many farmers are working to bring them from the brink of extinction.
Barn fire

A Tallmadge horse farm lost 15 horses in a barn fire Thursday.
January garden

A successful spring garden requires advance planning that begins during the winter months.

A sculpture made from nearly 1,000 pounds of butter and showcasing a fundraising campaign for an innovative food bank milk program was unveiled Jan. 8 at the Pennsylvania Farm Show.
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