Monday, July 4, 2022

Study abroad programs give students unique opportunities to experience other cultures while pursuing their degrees.
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Prospective college students and their parents need to ensure that adequate insurance protection is in place for the upcoming school year.

Be aware of your school's code of conduct and follow the rules. The consequences of violating them could leave you with student loan debt with no degree.

Graduate school allows college graduates the chance to intensify their studies as they pursue advanced degrees. Finding the best fit for you takes time.

While high school seniors on the cusp of graduating and moving on to college give ample thought to their college majors, many are likely to change majors at least once after enrolling in a college or university.
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College students may underestimate cost-of-living expenses when planning their school-year budgets.

College students can be easy targets for scam artists and identity thieves. Here are some tips to protect against scammers.

College students share tips and advice for making the most out of their college experiences.