Tuesday, February 9, 2016

  • Buckwheat seed, as a plowdown, natures

    Buckwheat seed, as a plowdown, natures soil and nutrient builder, loosen up heavy soil, beekeepers equals buckwheat honey, cleaned in 50-pound bags, $40, delivery available; (517)605-0713


    ORGANIC CLOVERS PREINOCULATED Organic Med. Red Clover $172/50# Org. Freedom Med. Red Fast drying , less dust $131/25# Org. Red Star Med. Red Improved, longevity $192/50# Alice White Clover $221/25# Certified Non-GMO Clovers PREINOCULATED Med. Red Clover- $140/50# Freedom Med. Red $105/25# Persist Red Clover Blend persistence & longevity$145/50# Alice White Clover $140/25# until 2/6/16

  • Seed corn looking for a taller corn

    Seed corn looking for a taller corn with large ear potential? try www.opcorn.com or call (724)259-7622

  • CloverCloavnedrlaAndgASgeSrevrivcicee,

    CloverCloavnedrlaAndgASgeSrevrivcicee, LLC DDeeaalleerrssooffCCeerrttiiffiieeddOOrrggaanniicc&& CCoonnvveennttiioonnaallNNoonn–GGMMOO SSeeeedd aannddOOrrggaanniicc FFeerrttiilliizzeerr 333300–223311–44448844 MMiilllleerrssbbuurgrg, ,OOhhioio wwwwww.c.clolovveerrllaannddaaggsseerrvvicicee.c.comom

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