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Livestock – Pets and Equipment listings contain sale ads for farm animals such as cows, ewes, goats, chickens, llamas, dogs, cats and more. Also, farm equipment listings for feeders, automatic waterers, pens, stalls, hay racks and more are included. Listings for hoof trimming and other livestock-related services can be found in the Livestock – Pets and Equipment classifieds, too.

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Saturday, October 3,

Saturday, October 3, 2015 Monroe Woodsfield OPEN TO THE WORLD Calves born after January 1st Weight limit is 800 lbs. Weigh-in at 8:00am - Noon, Saturday Show Starts at 1 PM • Entry Fee: $30 per head Grooming Rules: Same as the best program Straw only for bedding Judge: TBA For more into on the Show or Sale Contact: Justin Moore: (740) 238-0955 Jarrett Burga: (740) 238-2678


RON ANDIO LIVESTOCK DEALER Buying all types of horses and ponies, sound or unsound. Pick up at farm -- Ohio and PA. (330) 719-5980

Capons, Broilers, Colored Broilers (7

Capons, Broilers, Colored Broilers (7 Meat Vareties), Layer Chicks, Ducklings, Goslings, Bantams, Game Birds, Guineas, French Guineas, White, Bronze & Rare Breed Turkeys (814) 539-7026 FREE Catalog

The Ultimate – In Cow Comfort What

The Ultimate - In Cow Comfort What Owners of Waterbeds are Saying... Cow cull rate decreased • Minimal bedding required Cows are just as healthy as when on sand • Cows have good traction on waterbeds to get up There are fewer trips to the field with the manure spreader • Physcial condition of cows is show ring good Best investment made on a dairy farm COW WATERBEDS For more information contact STEIN-WAY EQUIPMENT Apple Creek, OH 44606 330-857-8700 or 800-599-2040


"FOR ALL YOUR POULTRY NEEDS" Meyer Hatchery 626 St. Rt. 89 - Polk, Ohio 44866 419-945-2651 419-945-9841 Fax 888-568-9755 Toll Free

Holstein Dairy Cattle Top Holstein

Holstein Dairy Cattle Top Holstein Springers Serving Dairy Farmers Since 1966 KENNETH W. BROWN (330) 435-4130 NOTE: We buy open and springer heifers and herds.


YOUR LEADER IN DAIRY COW LEASING Don't be afraid to maximize your dairy's profitability. CONTACT: Sunshine Heifers LLC 602-768-6678

Saturday October 10, 2015 CWaislve

Saturday October 10, 2015 CWaislve eCasttlebCyomMpoannyopoly, No Worries, SPReBlIliVenAglTi4Ee0Tv+RehEeAaInTdY: SMBteIDeer,Ss AS- LHmEeifoerks i-nBugllsBob, SatuMrdaay,nOcAtombero1n1,g20B14oys & More Viewing begins at 9:00 AM Bids close at 12:00 Noon Calves by Monopoly, Unstoppable, Believe In Me, Monopoly Money, Man Among Boys & More For more information contact: Adam Wise @ 814-952-2147 Rick Wise @ 814-952-2361 616 Cider Mill Road, Punxsutawney, PA 15767 Home Ph# 814-427-2938 Email:

Bylers Horse Training Center Elmer

Bylers Horse Training Center Elmer Byler 17140 Bridge Rd. Middlefield, Ohio 44062 (440) 632-9517

(330) 482-1522 Columbiana, OhioPARTS

(330) 482-1522 Columbiana, OhioPARTS & SERVICE FOR ALL MAJOR BRANDS Authorized Boumatic DealerParlor & Bulk Tanks Stalls • Gates Mattresses • Sanitation Emergency Service1 Mueller 1000-gal.CALL FOR PRICINGMueller 600-gallon"""DeLaval 300-gallon"""Glacier 3000-gallon (NEW)"""Glacier 2000-gallon (NEW)"""Sunsel 600-gallon"""Solar Tank, 400 gal."""Used 350 Vertical Patz Stationary Mixer$10,750Penta Mixers - 3020SD, 4120HD, 6020SDThese Models Have Options CALLAgriCow Cow Brush - "The Best Brush on the Market"Sturdi Built Gates and StallsCalf HutchesStarting at $295Rubber Tire ScrapersStarting at $925CHECK OUR FARM EQUIPMENT LISTING


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