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Last Month's Farm and Dairy

Costco, Walmart want ag control

Farm leaders in rural America are closely watching two recent moves into "Big Ag" by Costco and Walmart.
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Ohio Valley will supply nearly half of US natural gas by 2040

Natural gas from Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia will supply 45 percent of the nation’s production by 2040, according to the IHS study.
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Ohio farmers lending hand to Nebraska counterparts

#NebraskaStrong: Ohio farmers and a 4-H community are among those working to gather relief support for Nebraska farmers hit by the devastating flooding.
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Seven generations of maple syrup production in Ohio

The Goodell family has been producing maple syrup for seven generations. Over time, processes have changed but the syrup taste has remained true.
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Cabot ends oil and gas drilling in north central Ohio

With unsuccessful results, the energy developer decided to "cease operations" in the Ashland-Richland County area.
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