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Last Month's Farm and Dairy

Rare rabbit disease confirmed in western Pennsylvania

USDA has confirmed rabbit hemorrhagic disease (RHD) in two pet rabbits that died Dec. 7 in Clover Township, Jefferson County, Pennsylvania.
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Beef producers may need certification to sell in 2019

More meat buyers are now requiring farmers to be Beef Quality Assurance certified, a nationally accepted program that has been around for many years.
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Ag-Pro acquires JD Equipment

Ag-Pro, Ohio, a subsidiary of Ag-Pro Companies has purchased Ohio-based JD Equipment, adding the dealership's 10 John Deere locations in Ohio and northern Kentucky.
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Ohio auctioneer wins world qualifier

An auctioneer from Cumberland, Ohio, has been named a world qualifier in livestock auctions.
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Cabot is making offers, but landowners advised to wait

Landowners in the Ashland-Holmes-Richland County area should review the lease agreement with Cabot carefully, and consider what they might gain and forfeit by signing.
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