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Last Month's Farm and Dairy

Hunting for sheds after deer season ends

Deer hunting season is over, so Ohio hunters can move on to shed hunting. Jim Abrams first explains the process of antler shedding. He then discusses training dogs to assist in shed hunting and gives tips for finding shed antlers.
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In memory of Daniel Kibler: Donation hog raises over $30K in 4-H scholarship funds

The donation hog, auctioned in memory of Daniel Kibler, raised $33,955 for the Portage County Junior Fair Market Livestock Sale Exhibitor Scholarship fund.
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Northeast Ohio specialty vegetable grower transitioning to grain crops

The combination of weather risk, labor uncertainty, food safety pressures and an aging ownership group pushed K.W. Zellers & Son to exit the produce business.
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Seldom Seen Farm makes ‘Maple Madness’ with its bourbon maple syrup

Kevin Holy, owner of Seldom Seen Farm, talks about his bourbon barrel-aged maple syrup and participating in the Ohio's annual Maple Madness Tour in March.
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The truth about turkey vultures

Turkey vultures occupy an incredibly unique niche, playing an important role in our communities and keeping our environment clean.
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