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Ohio residents have one year left to get Real ID

The state-issued identification airline passengers present at TSA checkpoints for boarding a commercial airline must be Real ID-compliant by May 3, 2023.
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Eminent domain case headed to Ohio Supreme Court

he 7th District Court of Appeals recently ruled that the park district did not have the power of eminent domain when it sued to get a permanent easement on the railroad bed that runs through Diane Less’s property. 
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How to choose milkweed for your garden, landscape

Milkweed is a beneficial host plant for Monarch butterflies. Learn how to narrow down which varieties will work well in your yard or garden.
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Union County court rejects pipeline eminent domain

A Union County judge has rejected Columbia Gas of Ohio’s request to approve eminent domain to install a pipeline through preserved farmland.
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Solar debate hits western Pennsylvania farming communities

In Pennsylvania, where siting for solar is done at the local level, it’s left to each community to decide whether to allow in these developments. It's pitting some neighbors against each other.
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