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Last Month's Farm and Dairy

Dairy exodus: Ohio has lost 172 dairy farms in 12 months

Too many years of poor milk prices and unpredictable markets for milk, cull cows, breeding stock, and feed have taken their toll, and more dairy farm families are agonizing over their future as milk producers.
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Fired Ohio ag director speaks about what happened

Former Ohio Ag Director says he is unsure why he was let go, but is proud of what his department accomplished.
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All farmers should be on high alert

After reading last week's Dairy Excel, David Marrison believes the advice offered goes for all farmers and crop farmers need to be on high alert too.
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Thirty years later, tractor rollover survivor still thankful

Seneca County farmer is thankful for the last 30 years of life, even though he still lives with pain and memories from that fearful day.
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Barn lost in Fulton Co. fire, but cows saved

A herd of dairy cows is safe this week, thanks to a community-wide rescue effort, after a six-alarm fire ripped through a Fulton County barn in the early morning hours of Oct. 7.
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