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Last Month's Farm and Dairy

Farmers unite to help neighbor harvest

Farmers from eight farms in Wayne County worked together to harvest grain for the Renneckers, of Four Winds Farm, Nov. 4 after they lost their house in a fire.
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Kisamores give thanks for friends, family while raising 1,000 turkeys

The Kisamores are raising 1,000 Thanksgiving turkeys this year on their farm in Mogadore, Ohio. They say they could never do it all without their friends.
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Ohio bill seeks to open doors for new farmers

Ohio legislators are considering a new bill that would create tax incentives for people to sell land, machinery and other resources to beginning farmers.
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Spotted lanternfly found in West Virginia

The West Virginia Department of Agriculture confirmed a small population of spotted lanternfly in the Bunker Hill area of Berkeley County, West Virginia.
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Investigation of cow mutilation underway

The Carroll County Sheriff's Office is investigating a cow mutilation in the Mace Road area. Three cattle were beaten by an unknown person.
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