Alta, CRV create dairy AI partnership


MADISON, Wis. — Two providers of bovine genetics, Alta Genetics and CRV, have agreed to collaborate in their North American Holstein genetic programs.

Officials say the cooperation between Alta and CRV will offer economies of scale, resulting in greater volumes and higher quality of genetics. Clients of both Alta and CRV will see a stronger and more varied portfolio of bulls on a GTPI basis.

The breeding focus of both organizations will retain their own identity. Both organizations will continue to make genetic selections based on their own breeding philosophy.

“Through the partnership, we can strengthen our portfolio of top end GTPI bulls both inside and outside the United States,” said CRV Executive Director Operations and Development Ate Lindeboom.

“Alta and CRV will do this from their own vision of breeding and with mutual respect.”

According to Alta Chief Operating Officer Paul Hunt, the collaboration lets both companies make additional investments in genetics.

This partnership begins immediately.



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