Butler Farm Show 2014

Aug. 7, 2014
Sale Total:    Not available yet
Total Lots:          209

Number of Market Lots: 40

Grand champion: Taylor Kennedy*
Bid: $19/pound              Weight: 1,392 pounds
Buyer: Amerikohl Mining Co.
Reserve champion: Ashley Brehm*
Bid: $15/pound              Weight: 1,382 pounds
Buyer: Rex Energy
Champion home bred: Shane Harvey
Bid: $3/pound              Weight: 1,250 pounds
Buyer: Amerikohl Minign Co.
Reserve champion home bred: Connor Harvey
Bid: $2.50/pound              Weight: 1,306 pounds
Buyer: J.K. Hydraulics
Champion county bred: Jacob Kennedy
Bid: $3.75/pound              Weight: 1,120 pounds
Buyer: Rita and Jim Kennedy and various buyers
Reserve champion county bred: Julianne Schmur
Bid: $3.25/pound              Weight: 1,276 pounds
Buyer: Butler Farm Market

Number of Market Lots: 54

Grand champion: Hannah Govan
Bid: $9/pound              Weight: 263 pounds
Buyer: Butler Eagle
Reserve champion: Nataleigh Kerr
Bid: $6/pound              Weight: 232 pounds
Buyer: Rex Energy
Champion home bred: Alyssa Tice
Bid: $6/pound              Weight: 256 pounds
Buyer: XTO Energy
Reserve champion home bred: Matthew Tice
Bid: $3.50/pound              Weight: 280 pounds
Buyer: Nixon Mine Cable Supply
Champion county bred: Christopher Shuler
Bid: $5/pound              Weight: 272 pounds
Buyer: Shaun and Maddie Krill
Reserve champion county bred: Chase Shuler
Bid: $3.50/pound              Weight: 246 pounds
Buyer: Butler County Ford

Number of Market Lots: 64

Grand champion*: Aaron Drake
Bid: $30/pound              Weight: 136 pounds
Buyer: Amerikohl Mining Company
Reserve champion: Rebecca Betteridge
Bid: $6/pound              Weight: 137 pounds
Buyer: Keystone Clearwater
Champion home bred: Alyssa DiPippa
Bid: $8/pound              Weight: 140 pounds
Buyer: Fairground Market
Reserve champion home bred: Scott Snyder
Bid: $4/pound              Weight: 135 pounds
Buyer: Duke Whiting and Eric Irvine of Phoenix Farms
Champion county bred: Tarrah Freund
Bid: $7/pound              Weight: 126 pounds
Buyer: Elliot Tire Service
Reserve champion county bred: Robyn Freund
Bid: $5.50/pound              Weight: 126 pounds
Buyer: Schmur’s Meat Market

Number of Market Lots: 19

Grand champion: Ivie Scott*
Bid: $25/pound             Weight: 93 pounds
Buyer: Amerikohl Company
Reserve champion: Apryl Scott*
Bid: $20/pound              Weight: 94 pounds
Buyer: Rex Energy
Champion home bred: Camden Bash
Bid: $5/pound              Weight: 90 pounds
Buyer: ESB Bank
Reserve champion home bred: Lauren Bash
Bid: $5/pound              Weight: 90 pounds
Buyer: Dr. Kimberly Berry, Butler Veterinary Associates and Emergency Services
Champion county bred: Nicholas Black
Bid: $5.50/pound              Weight: 73 pounds
Buyer: West Central Equipment
Reserve champion county bred: Deven Whitacre
Bid: $7.50/pound              Weight: 75 pounds
Buyer: Mars and Saxonburg Agway

Number of Pens of Three: 12

Grand champion: Grace Swope*
Bid: $2500/pen              Weight: 12 pounds 4 oz.
Buyer: Rex Energy
Reserve champion: Cody Wood
Bid: $300/pen             Weight: 12 pounds 14 oz.
Buyer:Linda Steele, Boosel Farm

Number of Pens of Three: 15

Grand champion: Kaitlin Eichenlaub
Bid: $475              Weight: 30 pounds 1 ounce
Buyer: J.W. Marshall Inc.
Reserve champion: Bronwyn Wain
Bid: $550             Weight: 36 pounds 4 ounces
Buyer: Rex Energy

Auctioneer: John R. Huey II

* Denotes new record price.

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