California bans gestation crates, hen cages; which state is next?



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  1. legal protection for animals makes sense! So does legalizing weed! but can I grow Hemp for fiber? Next, water free collection of humanure and its bio-gassing into fuel! The sludge from this radiated to safety standards to replace lost top-soil, and fertilize our poorest fields, and Bingo! We have water and fertilizer for our farming future and soil enhancement to boot!

  2. Big ag are big idiots! We are supposed to believe that pigs smother their babies if left to their own! Ridiculous! They are smart, social nesting animals who need food, water, shelter and space! Just like everyone else! Its called, their habitat!

    • Kat:
      Unfortunately, I think there is a lack of knowledge of the agriculture world. Many people think their food comes from the grocery store and many people don’t look beyond what is publicized in the media-we all know media likes a big story and unfortunately, big organizations need money to operate. Sadly, most of the animal welfare groups that are in the news are in it for the wrong reasons. There will always be someone that handles things poorly in any industry-these are the people that are targeted by animal welfare groups to get the “attention” they need. Then many people jump on the bandwagon with them and the money flows in, laws get passed, money is wasted on issues that may not be issues. If it was really about the animals people would realize and understand, people raising animals to feed the world have a very important job. Their families depend on it, their livelihood depends on it and frankly you depend on it, so why would they do something to jeopardize the health and welfare of their animals?

      To specifically respond to your comment about pigs needing more room-If you look out in the wild-where pigs have all the room they need, many of those litters are very small-why? because the sow is a very large animal that, when laying down, plops her body down and has no control over smashing one of her pigs under her. It really has to do with protecting her young and it allows the attendant that is helping with the farrowing/birthing to assist the sow if she needs help. There is really no way to have a sow stand still or hold her in any way if she is struggling with the birthing process. A farrowing crate keeps her not only from laying on her young but also helps to assist her and keeps us safe if she were to be aggressive while farrowing. The other misconception is that these sows live in these crates. They do not! Only during farrowing and while the piglets are small. There is always room for improvement, but agriculture is doing their best to improve their yields(i.e. more pigs staying alive/ litter), improve quality and supply our WORLD-not country our world- with safe, high quality food. We need to realize if we keep spending all this money on regulations and fees and …., farmers are all going to go out of business-it’s already happening! Who’s going to feed all the people-again not just in our country-in the world?? We need to wake up and look at the big picture!

  3. This is 2018. I just re-read the pork industry’s self-serving comments.
    They are just as big whores as the Congress that lets them torture these
    intelligent animals for a few dollars more. I wish I believed in an afterlife where these heartless criminals will find out it’s like to be a farrowing sow in most of our States. Does anybody know if California’s 2008 law banning gestation crates where the sow cannot even turn around !!! is still in force?


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