Farms and farmhouses in the snow (Photos)

There’s nothing like Christmas on the farm. There’s something about seeing the contrast of the red barn with the white snow that overwhelms farm folk with nostalgia.

To all of our readers, have a happy holiday! To bring some cheer to you, we’ve found several snowy farm photos. Enjoy!

Texas Eagle

Flickr User Texas Eagle

Rick Hanger

Flickr User Rick Hanger


Flickr User Property#1


Flickr User Laura


Flickr User Lynn Willis

A guy

Flickr User Wolfgang Schlegl


Twitter User Wayne Cordeiro


Twitter User Vera Chang


Twitter User Liz Palka

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Will Flannigan is Farm and Dairy's online editor. He grew up in Salem, Ohio, and is new to the agricultural scene. Will enjoys hiking, community theater and learning new things. More Stories by Will Flannigan

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  1. Seasoned_Citizen says:

    Very nice pics!

    However, when big-snows shut down our city-slicker brethren, guess whose work never ends and goes on in wind, rain, snow or blow?

    Yep! we here down on “the beautiful farm!”

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

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