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Monthly Archives: July 2007

There is concern, and rightfully so, among many on today's farms as outside influences converge to voice opinions on everything from long-standing ag business practices to animal treatment.

After years of private gripes and government investigations, 17 Southeast dairy farmers filed two federal class-action civil lawsuits in Tennessee July 5 charging the nation's milk giants with "conspiracy

You may not consider yourself a large corporation, but completing a regular SWOT analysis of your farm or agricultural business can be beneficial to keep you competitive.

The first berries I helped pick, when I was a kid, were strawberries. Makes sense. Close to the ground, easy to reach, I loved to eat them, but they still make my arms itch.

Hanging upside down at 45 mph is definitely NOT the time to start fretting about your child's hip-to-shoulder ratio.

Dry conditions in many parts of the state have greatly reduced hay and hay silage yields, which has reduced forage inventory on many dairy farms.

(Editor's note: This week, we begin a four-part look at Ohio's farmland preservation efforts.) Each year in the United States, more than 1 million acres of land are converted from agriculture to other uses - never to be reclaimed.

MARSHALLVILLE, Ohio - The annual Wayne County Dairy Tour July 10 was hosted at L & R Farm near Marshallville.

COLUMBUS - Gov. Ted Strickland signed House Bill 9, which increases the speed allowed for farm machinery while ensuring safety precautions on Ohio roadways.

WASHINGTON - The House agriculture committee unanimously passed a new farm bill July 19 that expands benefits to nearly all sectors of agriculture, including fruits and vegetables.
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