Grain Markets

Grain market report note: Prices listed by grain elevators are bids for what the elevator will pay to buy your grain that day. It is not a retail selling price. All prices are per bushel as of close Sept. 25.
CornNew Crop CornSoybeansNew Crop SoybeansWheatNew Crop Wheat
Ag Central, Mount Jackson, Pa.4.554.3012.1512.15 4.915.70
Bunge North America, Bellevue12.63
Centerra Co-op, Andover4.754.2012.19 4.975.51
Centerra Co-op, Grafton4.554.3012.3612.045.135.91
Centerra Co-op, Gene Cooper Farms, Pa.4.754.2012.19 4.975.51
Centerra Co-op, Mansfield4.554.3012.36 5.236.01
Central Ohio Farmers Co-op, Marion12.3312.66
Central Ohio Farmers Co-op, Mt. Vernon5.004.3012.185.92
Coshocton Grain Co., Coshocton4.2012.3412.34
Deerfield Ag Services, Deerfield4.514.2612.2412.24 5.035.67
Gerber Feed, Dalton5.514.5612.1612.16
Heritage Co-op, Columbiana4.604.3512.1312.034.735.47
Heritage Co-op, East Liverpool12.5312.33
Heritage Co-op, New Philadelphia4.404.2512.2812.184.885.67
Heritage Co-op, Marysville5.054.7012.4312.335.036.02
Sunrise Co-op, Clarksfield4.524.1912.3512.355.256.47
Westfield Specialty Grains4.2112.23