Monday, March 27, 2023
soybean harvest

Marlin Clark offers insight into geopolitical events that have made small impacts on the grain markets this winter, and what he expects for the future.
sweet corn

Marlin Clark analyses the most recent trends in the grain markets, delivering this week's grain report.
Brazil soybean plantation

Marlin Clark explains how recent weather events in South America are linked to price changes in the grain markets and what to expect in the coming weeks.

Marlin Calrk weighs in on factors that may affect the grain markets over the next season.

U.S. Department of Agriculture reports picked grain markets back up and put them on firmer fundamental ground, looking for the important January high. 

The grain markets have not been steady, and the market analysts have struggled to find reasons for what is going on.

Last week the March corn futures gained over 12 cents, March soybean futures gained 391⁄2 cents, and Chicago March wheat gained 18 cents. 

The good news this week is that there is no news in the grain markets. No news this time of year is good news.
Christmas barn

Marlin Clark offers an update on the relatively stagnant grain markets in this week's grain markets report.
barge on the Mississippi River

Marlin Clark weighs in on a couple of transportation issues that have threatened to stall grain movements in the U.S. and impacted grain prices.