Friday, July 1, 2022

Around the Table

The cost of food is up by more than 8% over last year and prices are expected to keep rising. Learn how to shop smarter and save money at the grocery store.


Egg production varies among chicken breeds and is affected by age, daylight hours and feed efficiency. Learn how to optimize your flock's production.

Learn to protect your garden plants from pests without harming pollinators via spraying pesticides.



The management of fish species in any body of water depends on determining how old the fish are, and whether their growth rates are good for their age. 
Baxter Black

Bryce Angell recalls advice the late Baxter Black gave him about writing and presenting poetry.
North Carolina's Outer Banks

For over 20 years, Julie Geiss' family members have migrated back to the North Carolina coastline like birds of the same feather.
Dianne Shoemaker

If Dianne Shoemaker had to choose two words to describe the dairy industry over the past 36 years, "constant change" would be her pick.
barn kittens

It's too bad cat ranching isn't a lucrative business model. Because if it was, Eliza Blue would have all the success.
natural gas rig

Alan Guebert breaks down the facts in regards to global conflicts putting pressure on the oil and gas and grain markets.

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