Thursday, February 22, 2024

Around the Table

Fruitcake is delicious, and Kym Seabolt needs people to stop being wrong about it.


There are practices you can implement to reduce the risk of frost heaving. Two prevention strategies focus on increasing residue and minimizing bare soil.

Summit Soil and Water Conservation District Outreach Coordinator Sandy Barbic provides tips to enjoy a greener holiday season this year.


corn field

Marlin Clark admits to being the bearer of bad market news recently. The only positive is that corn prices are so low, exports have increased.
Mule foal

Mules are a healthy hybrid, displaying hybrid vigor, a phenomenon distinguished by superior characteristics far surpassing that of either parent.
Item No. 1265

I'm not convinced our Hazard A Guess? savants will be stumped by Item No. 1265, as I'm certain I have seen these lying around antique and thrift shops.
seabolt goat

Kymberly Seabolt introduces us to her pets, Kai, Nova, Jackson and her escape-artist goat Buttercream, who likes to visit the porch in the morning.
conestoga wagon

The Conestoga wagon was a sturdy, dependable vehicle that could handle the rugged and virtually non-existent trails to carry early settlers west.

Judith Sutherland is grateful her grandchild do their chores when asked — something she attributes to being raised on a farm.


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