Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Around the Table

The cost of food is up by more than 8% over last year and prices are expected to keep rising. Learn how to shop smarter and save money at the grocery store.


Egg production varies among chicken breeds and is affected by age, daylight hours and feed efficiency. Learn how to optimize your flock's production.

Learn to protect your garden plants from pests without harming pollinators via spraying pesticides.


farm silo

There is not that much grain out there, and last week’s trading is making it even harder to buy. Marlin Clark weighs in on the state of the grain markets.

You are on a roll! Can you identify this antique metal item and keep the streak alive?
replica of Harman Blennerhassett's estate

Julie Geiss visits Blennerhassett State Park near Parkersburg, West Virginia, and enjoys all it has to offer.

If today's "Southwestern megadrought" continues much longer, both Lake Powell and Lake Mead will become the empty bathtubs their rings already suggest.

Following a storm, Judith Sutherland's farm was covered in splintered trees all over the place. Cleaning it up has been a lot of work.

Planting warm season annual grasses is a feasible way to improve summer pastures or hay fields to maintain dry matter production during the summer slump. 

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