Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Around the Table

Eric Keller has become an expert at hiding his tracks when it comes to taste-testing his wife’s cake.


Liz Partsch provides a brief description of the history of Paska bread and step-by-step guide on how her Grandma Partsch makes Paska bread every Easter.

Deer hunting season is over, so Ohio hunters can move on to shed hunting. Jim Abrams first explains the process of antler shedding. He then discusses training dogs to assist in shed hunting and gives tips for finding shed antlers.


corn kernels and dollar bills

Grain prices continue to weaken on the futures markets in reaction to planting progress in the U.S., the higher dollar value and Brazilian harvest progress.
nightcrawler signs

Tami Gingrich details the ecological significance of nightcrawlers in Ohio as the worm wars begin among young Amish salesmen in southern Geauga County.

Thinking of fishing for walleye in Ohio this spring? Make sure you heed Jim Abram's insider tips for the best experience.

Bryce Angell plays Rip Van Winkle in his latest poem, waiting for his truck to warm up so he can go to the store for breakfast foods.
breaking plow

After arriving and establishing a campsite, settlers had to deal with a trio of priorities immediately — clearing land, planting crops and building shelter.
lamb in pasture

Having bottle lambs means getting up early and going to bed late. But Eliza Blue is still captivated by the labor-intensive process.

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