Sunday, June 17, 2018

Around the Table

Earlier this week the CDC warned about a multistate outbreak of salmonella associated with pre-cut melons produced by a food distributor in Indianapolis.


Raccoons can cause big problems for homeowners. Find out what you can do to stop unintentionally inviting them over.

Use the following tips to produce quality canned, pickled and frozen beets that are optimized for prolonged storage.
Get Social with Farm and Dairy


We may have stumped you on identifying the last antique tool, but we have faith that you will get this one. Hazard a guess!
Field runoff

Many factors cause gully erosion, but not all should be corrected the same way. Learn more about different practices to correct and to reduce gully erosion.
Farm and Food File banner

Alan Guebert celebrates the 25th anniversary of his column the Farm and Food File.
grazing pasture

Do we need a tractor to manage the pasture or can it be accomplished through proper grazing management? Consider these questions before clipping a pasture.
Appalachian Trail

David Defer, a mid-20s backpacker, reported that he had already passed the 1,294-mile marker, the exact half-way point of the Appalachian Trail.
happily ever after sign

The love that brought Judith Sutherland's parents to a house with no indoor plumbing took root, and things got better as they found success in farming.

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