Thursday, October 21, 2021

Around the Table

Carving a pumpkin can be a fun, festive, fall family event, but it's important to do so safely. Use these tips to carve your pumpkin safely.


Ground ivy is one of the most difficult weeds to manage in lawns. Learn what strategies to implement and what herbicides to use to get rid of it.

Learn to identify venomous and non-venomous, hairy and bristled caterpillars found in Ohio that can cause injury from coming into contact with them.



Jordan Creek Park in Concord Township, Ohio offers visitors the perfect combination of nature and play with climbing walls, a zip line and more.
Fall leaves

Instead of working to remove fallen leaves from your lawn, have them work for you by adding mulched leaves to your lawn, garden and compost.

There is an art to looking like a million bucks on a dime, and GirlWonder always hits the mark with change to spare — the same goes for her home.
fall road

During Judith Sutherland's youth, nothing — absolutely no business of any kind — was open on Sunday.

You solved the pressing mystery tool from two weeks ago, but can you identify these two items from this week?
Lake Erie

Discover how the glaciers that once covered two-thirds of Ohio created habitats for both humans and wildlife and how that's still evident today.


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