Friday, June 9, 2023
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At Molly's Vineyard, in Vermilion, Ohio, Molly Anders sticks to what she learned from her mom, Connie O'Leary, when she was involved with the vineyard: treat everyone like family.

The Ohio Department of Agriculture confirmed Sept. 2 that a population of the invasive spotted lanternfly was found in Cleveland near the end of August. This insect feeds on grapevines and fruit trees, in addition to other plants, making it a major concern for the grape and wine industries.

Wineries in the Grand River Valley are clustered almost as closely as a bunch of grapes. There are 31 wineries in the area, and they help bring tourists, other businesses, like hotels, and investments into the area. But all this wasn’t there in the early 1970s, when Tony Debevc established Debonné Vineyards, in Madison, Ohio.