Friday, December 14, 2018
kitchen table

Farm and Dairy reader Lynne Almasy shares all the reasons she's grateful for her kitchen table as she prepares to serve another Thanksgiving feast there.
Thanksgiving meal

Try these tips to keep up with family traditions and stay within your budget.

You can safely cook an unused turkey from a past Thanksgiving as long as it has been stored in the freezer unopened at or below 0 F.
family meals

Children who have family mealtimes at least three or more times a week are more likely to be of normal weight and have healthier eating habits.

Proper hand hygiene can reduce the spread of hand, foot and mouth disease.

Learn more about the experts' predictions for flu season this year.

This week, Kymberly Seabolt analyses her "white trash taste buds" and the midwestern cooking she grew up enjoying.
green tomato

Growing up during the Depression era, Alan Guebert's mother developed a hardness against waste. And so his family ate "the last of the garden," regularly.
banana peel

Student employees at Ohio State University are digging into trash to pull out tossed food in its various forms as part of a study on food waste.
peppermint candy

Last week the FDA announced that it was banning the use of seven synthetic food-flavoring additives that have been linked to the development of cancer.

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