Saturday, June 23, 2018
WVU partners with drug courts

West Virginia University Extension Service is teaming up with drug court programs to provide additional support and education that recovering addicts need.
sleeping baby

Parents can be tempted to put extra blankets in a crib or bring their infant into bed with them, but both practices can lead to death for infants.

Don’t let foodborne illness spoil your outdoor cooking and dining experiences. Take this quiz and see how you can decrease your chances of getting sick.
Grill loaded with burgers

Memorial Day is the second-most popular grilling holiday of the year, but are you really grilling, or are you smoking or barbecuing? Find out here.

The latest Annual Report to the Nation on the Status of Cancer finds that cancer death rates continue to decline in men, women and children in the U.S.
grapes on vine

To successfully grow backyard grapes, you need to select the right cultivar and then meet its planting, pruning and growing requirements.
healthy food

The microorganisms living in your digestive tract can also influence your overall health, including your mood and susceptibility to illness and disease.
heart disease

Heart disease develops the same way in both men and women — with blockages in the arteries. The difference is in how the symptoms present themselves.

While tomatoes, peppers and watermelons require long growing seasons, many other fruits and vegetables grow much faster. Learn which varieties grow quickly.
Food contest

Ohioans with a passion for the food industry now have the opportunity to land their product on grocery store shelves with the Ohio Signature Food Contest.

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