Friday, March 1, 2024
turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans and stuffing

For Ohio shoppers, the Thanksgiving dinner receipt will be slightly lower than the national average for the same market basket items at $59.24.

At the state park lodges, visitors can reserve their table for a Thanksgiving buffet and then enjoy some of the many great features the parks have to offer.
cracked nuts

Tami Gingrich shares her love of hickory nuts with readers, offering tips on collecting and eating them.
pound cake

Eric Keller gets to the bottom of the mystery behind the pound cake predator in his household.
veggie burger

Despite continued evidence that the majority of Americans have a very limited appetite for non-meat meat and non-egg eggs, investors continue to invest.

A deep rich purple with a sweet and sour taste, grape pie is an anomaly to many who have never tried or heard of it.
grocery store

StarkFresh announced the grand opening date for their second neighborhood-sized grocery store location, located inside the Alliance Commons, in Alliance.
Vegetables grown at the Grafton Correctional Institution

So far this year the Grafton Correctional Institution garden has contributed 14,500 pounds of vegetables to hunger charities.
golden rod with bugs

Golden rod is responsible for keeping monarch butterflies fat and fed during their migration. It is not responsible for hay fever.
staghorn Sumac

Tami Gingrich shares the wonderful benefits staghorn sumac offers to both humans and wildlife.

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