Wednesday, April 14, 2021

The USDA announced the nationwide extension to allow all children to continue to receive nutritious meals this summer when schools are out of session.

While most vegetables are better eaten raw, there are a few you could cook instead to gain more health benefits.
ground ivy

Wild herbs can be used to relieve sinus pressure and other allergy symptoms. Learn how to find, harvest and use them to combat your seasonal allergies.
wild onion leaves

Ramps have become at risk of being over-harvested because of a spike in popularity. Learn how you can enjoy ramp season without overharvesting them.
Raised-bed garden

The Voices for Food project has facilitated community gardens, renovated food pantries and launched food councils in four Ohio counties.

One easy, budget-friendly way to save money, time, and energy on food at home is to prepare a hearty meal using a slow cooker.
raised bed garden

Crop rotation helps replenish soil, improves yields and prevents pests and diseases in the home garden. Learn the basics of rotating crops by plant family.
olive oil, tomato, basil

Penn State Extension is hosting a virtual cooking class, Let's Cook at Home: Mediterranean webinar Feb. 11, 6-7 p.m.

Julie Geiss weighs in on the new fad in immunity support — elderberry products — and the work it takes to harvest them.
chili pepper seedling

From purchasing seeds to starting seedlings and transplanting them outdoors, find all the information you need to improve yields in your vegetable garden.