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What are your hours? Are you open on Saturday?

Farm and Dairy is open Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Our office is located at 185 E. State St. in downtown, Salem, Ohio

What is your mailing address?

P.O. Box 38, Salem, OH 44460

What is your street address?

185 E. State Street, Salem, OH 44460

Do you have an 800-number (toll-free)

Sure: 800-837-3419

What is the address and phone number for Plant 2?

193 S. Howard St., Salem, OH 44460; 330-337-7172

Do you accept credit cards? Which ones?

Yes: MasterCard, Visa and Discover

Can I purchase F&D merchandise at your office?

Yes, it’s available during our business hours. We can also ship items that are prepaid.

How often is Farm and Dairy published?

We are published every week, with a Thursday date.

Can I buy a gift certificate/gift subscription?

Yes, you can buy a gift subscription. Simply prepay the subscription and provide the gift recipient’s name and address. We can send the recipient a card that indicates the gift was from you, or we can give you the card to send.

I have an insert; where should I deliver it?

All inserts should be delivered to PM Graphics, 10170 Philipp Parkway, Streetsboro, Ohio, 44241; Mon-Fri before 3 p.m.

Are you hiring? Do you keep resumes and applications on file?

Farm and Dairy accepts resumes and applications year-round. Applicants’ information is kept on file for 12 months.

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I have a story idea.

We love to hear your tips or story ideas. You can call the newsroom at: 800-837-3419, e-mail us or submit news through our online form here:

I have a complaint about a story.

The reporter who wrote the story or the editor can be reached at 800-837-3419.

How can I place an obituary?

Obituaries should be submitted from the funeral home handling the arrangements, and can be mailed, faxed or e-mailed. Family members can submit an obituary, but Farm and Dairy will contact the funeral home for information on the deceased (we cannot use an obituary that appeared in another newspaper for copyright reasons). We do not charge for obituaries, however, all information is edited and may not appear in the exact wording as written by the family (ex. we don’t use phrases like “went to be with the Lord”).

Can I e-mail a news release/photo?

Yes. Either paste the news release into the actual e-mail body, or attach it as a Word or .txt file. Photos must be sent as separate jpg or tif files (do not embed them into text documents), and must be sent at the largest size/highest resolution possible. Please remember to identify the individuals/action in the photograph in the e-mail content.

What is the newsroom’s e-mail? Reporter e-mails use their first initial and their last name, i.e. jdoe@…

How do I submit a letter to the editor?

Letters to the editor can be mailed, e-mailed (, or submitted through our online form at Letters must be signed by the author, and include a complete mailing address and daytime phone number for verification purposes. Letters are limited to 500 words and all are subject to editing. Anonymous letters are not published.

How do I submit a “Vacation With Us”/”Shifting Gears”/”Hazard a Guess” photo?

You can mail your 35 mm photograph (no Polaroid photos, please) to:

Vacation With Us (Shifting Gears, or Hazard a Guess)
P.O. Box 38
Salem, OH 44460

You can also e-mail a high resolution (large format/size) photograph to or submit photos through our online forms at any of the following:

Be sure to include identification for everyone in the photo, and in the case of the Shifting Gears tractors, ID the equipment as well as any special story to go along with the photo. Photos will be returned only if a S.A.S.E. is enclosed.

You can also drop information off at our office M-F, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Can I buy a print of a photo I saw in Farm and Dairy?

Currently all our photos are digital, and we no longer make prints.

What’s the deadline?

The news deadline is every Monday at 10 a.m. for that week’s issue. Call or check the paper for early deadlines around holidays.

How do I put my 4-H club/FFA chapter’s news in Farm and Dairy?

You can mail your club news to the newsroom at P.O. Box 38, Salem, OH 44460; or send it via e-mail to:
News about events/meetings older than 4 weeks week is no longer considered newsworthy and will not be published. Photographs are also accepted, but can not be guaranteed to be used.

How can I find a story that ran in Farm and Dairy?

You can search our online archive for top stories. However, we don’t put 100% of our content online. You can call the newsroom and ask to receive a copy, however, content is not catalogued nor searchable by computer, so the closer you can get us to the issue, the better your chance of receiving the article you’re looking for.

All recipes are also online, and are fully searchable.

How do I read the market reports (hay/cattle/hogs)?

There is a key on the first page of the market reports that explains pricing (per hundredweight). Most livestock is priced per hundredweight; exceptions are usually horses and ponies, and should be marked accordingly. Most hay/straw is sold by the ton; small round bales or large round bales should be marked accordingly.

The two columns of prices are the range for that item that week. The first column represents the lowest price received for a species or forage category that week; the second column represents the highest price received for that same species/lot that week.

You can also find market prices online at

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How can I subscribe?

Call the Circulation Dept. (ext. 11 or 20) at 800-837-3419, Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. and place an order with a credit card.

Mail check or money order to: Farm and Dairy, P.O. Box 38, Salem, OH 44460
Subscribe online with a credit card at (secure Web site)

All subscriptions are prepaid (meaning we don’t bill for subscriptions)

I’d like to subscribe to the Antique Collector only, can I do this?

No, it is published as part of Farm and Dairy.

I’m a snowbird. Can I change where my F&D is sent during the winter? Can I put my subscription on hold?

Sure. In fact, we call it a “snowbird” option. We can forward your newspaper without additional cost, but please allow up to a week for delivery. We can also put your paper on “hold” while you are away.

What is your circulation area?

We cover eastern Ohio, western Pennsylvania, western New York and the northern panhandle of West Virginia.

My paper was missing a section when it arrived. Can I get another?

Yes. Just call our office at 800-837-3419 and we can put the section in the mail.

My paper didn’t arrive on time.

Please give us a call, so we can try to figure out the problem. Call the circulation department at 800-837-3419, ext. 220 or 240.

Where can I buy Farm and Dairy (newsstand locations)?

Newsstand locations are updated weekly on our Web site, You can also call our office to find the newsstand location nearest you.

When should my paper arrive? When will I get my paper?

Papers are mailed out Wednesday evening and if you live in northeastern Ohio, western Pa. or the Northern Panhandle of W.Va., you should receive your paper by Friday or Saturday.

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Can you send me a media kit/editorial calendar?

Sure. Do you prefer it mailed, faxed or e-mailed? Can I have the business name and address please?

How can I place a classified ad in Farm and Dairy?

You can place a classified ad online, by fax, mail or over the phone.

What’s the difference between a classified ad and a display ad?

A classified ad is a word-only ad.
A display ad has a border around it. You can also purchase a “classified display” ad, which is found in the classified section, but has a border around it.

What does it cost to advertise in Farm and Dairy?

There are different types of ads. The best way to find out what an ad would cost is to send us the information of what you would like to advertise and we will call you back with an exact cost. Advertising information can also be found at

Do you print ads for nonprofit groups for free?

All of our ads are paid.

Can I e-mail my classified/display ad?

Yes. E-mail to

What’s the deadline?

The deadline for The Antique Collector section is 10 a.m. on Friday; the deadline for ads in all other sections of the newspaper is Monday at 10 a.m.

Do you charge for designing ads?

No. We’ll be happy to lay out your ad for you and get a copy for you for approval.

How do I submit a camera-ready ad?

You can send us a .pdf file to:

How many people subscribe to Farm and Dairy?

We have a paid circulation of over 25,500. We cover eastern Ohio, western Pennsylvania, western New York and the northern panhandle of West Virginia.

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Do you have a price list?


Do you publish books?


Do you offer design services?


I want to start a newspaper – can you help me?


Can you mail my printed piece? Do I need to have a mail permit?

Yes, we can mail your piece, and you don’t need your own mail permit. You can use Lyle Printing’s permit (both profit and nonprofit) at no extra charge.

Do you make color copies?

Yes. From 1 to thousands! Call for pricing.

Do you print wedding invitations?

Special orders only. We do NOT have traditional wedding albums.

Can you print my personal checks?

No, business checks only.

Do you print business checks?


Can I submit camera ready copy? How can I do this?

Yes. Check to make sure your program is compatible with ours; we can help you!

Do you print calendars?

Yes, we have many types of calendars; most require a minimum quantity.

Can you make copies of my photo?

Only if you took it yourself or have a written copyright release.

Do you print catalogs?

Yes, just call for information.

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