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Charles and Mary Freitag Tomer with sons Charles and John

Charles and Mary Freitag Tomer with sons Charles and John

Vintage farm photo, Brunner Farm

Nancy Bricker submitted this photo of her grandparents, Charles and Mary Freitag Tomer, with sons Charles and John, in 1918. Charles was born on the family farm in 1867. The farm was on Strasburg-Bolivar Road, which is now Fort Laurens Road, in Bolivar. The family raised sheep, cattle and chickens and sold milk, butter, eggs and vegetables. Three more children were born later — son Bill and daughters Margaret Bair and Florence Baumgardner.

(Submitted by Dale Duerr)Dale Duerr submitted this photo of life on the farm, taken about 1918, in Guernsey County, near Antrim, Ohio.
In the photo Novella Morrison Cunningham, standing on the stump, is holding her nephew, Richard Morrison. Two other nephews, Ernest and Clancy Morrison, are standing on the horse, Doc. The little girl wearing the hat is Novella’s daughter, Ethel Cunningham, who later moved to Bolivar. Ohio, and married Robert Duerr. She spent the rest of her life on a dairy farm. Ethel Duerr, an avid Farm and Dairy reader, lived to age 100, and passed in April 2013. Dale Duerr is her son.ˆ
(Submitted by Nancy Bricker)Nancy Bricker, of Bolivar, Ohio, submitted this photo of her father, Floyd Baumgardner, driving a Farmall H 1944. The photo was taken in 1951. Floyd and Florence operated a dairy farm from 1947-1968.Florence raised acres of sweet corn and other vegetables, which she sold at the farm and the Dover farmers market.
Florence still lives on the farm, and rents the land out for corn and soybean crops.
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