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Monthly Archives: August 2005

It's like a game. If I put only $10 in the gas tank, maybe prices will go down tomorrow (which is about how long $10 lasts and I have to stop at the gas station again).

Sometimes, animals choose us. What would any farm be without a cast of characters from the animal world? The heart of an empathetic country squire is often large enough to encircle Mother Nature's castaways rather than just those animals they've enclosed within their barns or gates or crates.

While Albert Einstein proposed the theory of relativity nearly a century ago, today's Congress and White House have perfected its application.

As we have experienced this year, forage quantity is drastically down as a result of dry conditions.

Even this summer we felt under the gun with places to be. "What time do you have to be at practice, Kathie?" I asked as I tried to gauge what I might do in the next hour.

I am running with a bad crowd. Somewhere there is a bookish gathering of nerdy, sedentary types missing me terribly.

Has someone taken advantage of you when it came to harvesting your woodlot? Were you impressed with the amount and went through with the deal only to find out later that you could've made more money? Or did you turn down the offer and thank yourself when you found how much your timber was actually worth? Forestry experts say it happens too often and needs to stop. Reporter Kristy Hebert is interested in talking with anyone who has a similar story for a consumer awareness article. Contact her by Sept. 1 at 800-837-3419 or by e-mail at

WOOSTER, Ohio - The District 7 Holstein Club's show was July 16 at the Wayne County Fairgrounds in Wooster, Ohio.

WASHINGTON - More than 2,000 animal feeding operations have signed agreements for the Environmental Protection Agency's air compliance initiative.

BLACKSBURG, Va. - This year pasture for grazing has been extremely variable. May was very cool, followed by a very dry June.
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