Wayne County shows off Holsteins


WOOSTER, Ohio – The District 7 Holstein Club’s show was July 16 at the Wayne County Fairgrounds in Wooster, Ohio.
Mike Weimer of Pennsylvania judged the 86 head.
Champions. Cody Dudte of Starmark Farm and Starmark Leduc Essence-Et won junior champion in the open and junior show. Reserve junior champion in both shows went to Ryan Lingle and Katie Stuff of Lingle Holsteins and Ms Lingle S-Storm Kit Kat.
Intermediate champion in both shows went to Esther Rupp, Rupp-Vue Holsteins, and Rupp-Vue Terrason Fever, and reserve went to Ryan Lingle and Lingle Durham Pumpkin.
In the open show, both senior and grand champion went to Springhill Farm and Willspring Medallion Connie, and reserve spots went to Springhill Farm and Miss Cherokee Afton.
In the junior show, senior champ went to Jason Miley and Miley Skylight Millie-Tw, and reserve senior champion went to Esther Rupp and Rupp-Vue Gable Snip-Tw.
Esther Rupp’s Rupp-Vue Terrason Fever took grand champion of the junior show and Ryan Lingle’s Lingle Durham Pumpkin took reserve.
More winners. Further results are as follows:
Spring heifer calf: 1. (Junior) Ms Lingle S-Storm Kit Kat, Ryan Lingle, 2. Miss Dd Marilyn Monroe, Springhill/Starmark.
Winter heifer calf: 1. Mors Talent Durham Glory, Morlock Farms, 2. Yarose Skyfame Fancy-Tw, Matt Yarosh.
Fall heifer calf: 1. (Junior) Starmark Leduc Essence, Cody Dudte, 2. (Junior) Duncan Astronomical Glitzie, Drew Duncan.
Summer yearling heifer: 1. Androscoggin Ss Chocolat, Starmark Farm, 2. (Junior) Ben-Alli Durham Chen Fancy, Ben Mangun.
Spring yearling heifer: 1. (Junior) Miley Roy Lee Maisie, Jason Miley, 2. Mors Gibson Byler Regina, Morlock Farms.
Winter yearling heifer: 1. Springhill-Oh Lauren, Nicki Deem, 2. (Junior) Duncan Durham Rayana, Neil Duncan.
Fall yearling heifer: 1. Rosedale Lss Rose-Red-Et, Starmark Farm, 2. Yarose Ice Reba, Matt Yarosh.
Junior best three females: 1. Miley Holsteins, 2. Morlock Farms, 3. Matt Yarosh.
Cows. Junior 2-year-old: 1. (Junior) Duncan Blk Wendy, Drew Duncan, 2. (Junior) Lingle Outside Mary, Ryan Lingle.
Senior 2-year-old: 1. (Junior) Mors Hi Metro Jed Joyce, Mandy Morlock, 2. (Junior) Miley Jasper Durham Rebecca, Jason Miley.
Junior 3-year-old: 1. (Junior) Rupp-Vue Terrason Fever, Esther Rupp, 2. (Junior) Miley Leduc M Butterfly, Jason Miley.
Senior 3-year-old: 1. (Junior) Lingle Durham Pumpkin, Ryan Lingle, 2. (Junior) Rupp-Vue Manat Loiter-Tw, Esther Rupp.
Four-year-old cow: 1. Willspring Medallion Connie, Springhill Farm, 2. (Junior) Miley Skylight Millie-Tw, Jason Miley.
Five-year-old cow: 1. Miss R-Vue Juror Tesk Tyra, Delbert and Heather Yoder and John Mccoy, 2. Mors Judge Juror Betty-Tw, Morlock Farms.
Aged cow: 1. Oakvale Skybuck Aileen, Delbert and Heather Yoder, 2. (Junior) Rupp-Vue Gable Snip-Tw, Esther Rupp.
125,000-pound cow: 1. Miss Cherokee Afton, Springhill Farm, 2. (Junior) Rupp-Vue Cyrus Finicky, Esther Rupp.
Dry cow (3- and 4-year-old): 1. Lingle Durham Madison, Lingle Holsteins, 2. Lingle Durham Joan, Lingle Holsteins
Best of best. Best bred and owned: Miss Cherokee Afton, Springhill Farm.
Senior best three females: 1. Lingle Holsteins, 2. Miley Holsteins.
Dam and daughter: 1. Lingle Holsteins, 2. Morlock Farms
Produce of dam: 1. Morlock Farms
Get of sire: 1. Lingle Holsteins
Premier breeder and exhibitor: Rupp-Vue Farms
Showmanship. Junior showmanship: 1. Katelyn Hershberger.
Senior showmanship: 1. Esther Rupp.


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