Geauga County Fair market livestock sale results

Jacob Carver’s 1,316-pound grand champion steer sold for $6.50 a pound to Oscar Brugmann Sand & Gravel, represented by Todd Brugmann. Also pictured are fair royalty Josh Loveland and Kelli Briggs.
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Junior Fair market livestock sale
Aug. 30, 2014


Number of Market Lots: 41

Grand champion: Jacob Carver
Bid: $6.50/pound Weight: 1,316 pounds
Buyer: Oscar Brugmann Sand & Gravel

Reserve champion: Nicole Rider

Bid: $5.75/pound Weight: 1,214 pounds
Buyer: Chris and Julie Clemson


Number of Market Lots: 119

Grand champion: Katie Hornyak
Bid: $8.25/pound Weight: 276 pounds
Buyer: Geauga Co. Auditor Frank Gliha

Reserve champion: Sydney Spitler
Bid: $9/pound Weight: 272 pounds
Buyer: Ray and Bonnie Townsend


Number of Market Lots: 60

Grand champion: Cailee Rendlesham

Bid: $7/pound Weight: 136 pounds
Buyer: Green Family Funeral Home

Reserve champion: Tyler Rendlesham
Bid: $5.50/pound Weight: 136 pounds
Buyer: Chagrin Falls and Middlefield NAPA Stores


Number of Market Lots: 12

Grand champion: Devon Kitko
Bid: $22/pound (Record) Weight: 66 pounds
Buyer: Green Family Funeral Home

Reserve champion: Carter Kitko
Bid: $19/pound (record) Weight: 73 pounds
Buyer: Ed Ward


Number of Market Lots: 9

Grand champion: Ryan Ivans
Bid: $85/pound Weight: 13.20 pounds
Buyer: Geauga Vision

Reserve champion: Jacob Grinstead
Bid: $55/pound Weight: 13.50 pounds
Buyer: Geauga Feed and Grain


Thompson Ledge Dairy Club
Bid: $2,500
Buyer: Townsend Machine

Auburn Dairymen Club
Bid: $1,500
Buyer: Junction Auto Sales

Geauga Dairymen Club
Bid: $1,750
Buyer: Cherokee Demolition


Number of Market Lots: 98

Grand champion: Meghan O’Reilly
Bid: $55/pound Weight: 32.70 pounds
Buyer: Geauga Feed and Grain Supply

Reserve champion: Samantha Bergansky
Bid: $35/pound Weight: 33.90 pounds
Buyer: Geauga Vision


Number of Market Lots: 78

Grand champion: Dennis Bergansky
Bid: $25/pound Weight: 51 pounds
Buyer: Mangia, Mangia

Reserve champion: Sarah Grinstead
Bid: $26/pound Weight: 48 pounds
Buyer: Mack Plumbing


Number of Market Lots: 36

Grand champion: R.J. Jefferson
Bid: $200/pound Weight: 8 pounds
Buyer: Judy and Bob Meyer

Reserve champion: Liam Leskovec
Bid: $35/pound Weight: 8 pounds
Buyer: Atty Robin Stanley of Peterson & Ibold

Auctioneers/Ringmen: Pete Howes, Scott Mihalic, Mike Davis, Heath Davis, Gary Heaven, Dave Rennolds, Tim McCaskey, Jerry Hall

Junior Fair Royalty:
King: Josh Loveland Queen: Kelli Briggs



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