Wednesday, April 25, 2018
cattle grazing in snow

Water is essential for livestock year-round. For every pound of dry matter consumed, cattle will need to drink about seven pounds of water.
cattle in the snow

Extreme winter weather can stress your livestock and damage your pastures. Learn more about the best farm management practices to combat the cold.

In order to maintain control of your forage system in an uncontrollable world, you need to be good at being both proactive and reactive.
snowy pasture

How can you get more production from your pasture? Focus on these five tips to improve utilization of your pastures through the growing season.
grazing cows

Learn to pair forages that progress to maturity at similar times for a more uniform harvest with increased quality and yield.
winter barn

Winter always seems like a slower time, but farm and grazing management never take a break. Make sure you've got your best foot forward this spring.

Goats are great for cleaning up brush and unwanted vegetation prior to the initial investment of starting a new pasture and loading it with livestock.
Cattle in a field

The local results showed that many, if not most, of the farms needed to adjust pH through liming, as well as increase their fertilization plans.

Managers need to factor in available time and money, and other expected or unexpected events, so sometimes compromises need to be made.
Farm and pasture

Water distribution is one of the most important elements of pasture-based livestock systems. Learn how to develop a better water system on your farm.
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