Sunday, October 20, 2019
electric fence

Depending on your unique situation, the benefits of investing in fence may outweigh the benefits of acquiring more machinery for the farm.
Quality feed

Gain a better understanding of how new beef industry requirements have impacted antibiotic and ionophore usage in cattle over the past three years.
rape field

Learn how to meet the nutritional needs of ruminants, lacking in this year's hay crop, by planting some veggies to graze this fall.
Oats fields

Learn more about an allergic syndrome that a producer can develop after getting bitten by a fairly new (to the Midwest) tick invader β€”the Lone Star tick.
Sonny Perdue USDA

According to Alan Guebert, Sonny Perdue doesn't need to hit the road this summer to find more than enough messy problems to keep him busy through harvest.

To manage forage weed control, you have to know what factors contributed to weed establishment in the first place, before spraying.

If we harvest forages as soon as possible on wet soils what are the consequences? Get the answers in this week's All About Grazing column.
grazing pasture

Learn more about common forage-related disorders β€” bloat, grass tetany and nitrate poisoning β€” to prevent livestock from getting ill or dying.
emerging corn

Right now is a great time to get back to the basics β€” forage testing, soil testing and recommendations on weed control.
electric fence

Learn more about the main components found in electric fencing systems to get the most out of your investment.
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