Wednesday, July 24, 2024
hay bales

Rain during the hay curing process can lead to several issues. Learn how to mitigate your losses.
cut hay

With the first hay cutting progressing across Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia now is the time to evaluate your hay outlook for the year.
cattle on pasture

A collaborative effort has yielded a forage and pasture planting calendar for forages.
Tilled field

Determining the right amount of lime to apply to optimize soil health is about more than pH. Learn how to account for all factors before applying lime.
cressleaf groundsel

Cressleaf groundsel is considered a noxious weed in Ohio due to its aggressive growth and because it produces a chemical toxic to livestock and humans.
Asian longhorned ticks

It is time to start thinking about how we can keep our grazing animals safe from ticks and flies that can cause medical problems and production losses.
more cows

Finding ways to meet the needed water demands can improve the efficiency of pasture use, writes OSU Extension Educator Dean Kreager.
cattle on pasture

Ohio State University Extension educator Christine Gelley explores how to make pasture measurement worth it.
alfalfa field

Knowledge of plant anatomy and physiology and understanding the forage life cycle can help farmers manage pasture growth for animal needs.
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Sacrifice grazing lots are vital spaces for livestock in the winter, but these areas often struggle with mud accumulation in the spring.