Saturday, February 4, 2023
cut hay

Hay quality can greatly affect cattle reproductive performance, body condition, calf health and milk production. 
multiflora rose

Pasture walks and inspections help determine where invasive plants are taking root. Learn how to control invasive species when you find them.

During the winter, there are tons of opportunities for farmers to educate themselves in order to remain sustainable and ultimately, profitable.
Corn snow

With record-high fuel prices and part shortages, you might want to consider letting the livestock graze crop residues.

Along with your list of blessings, make a list of things that went awry on your operation, recognizing lessons learned and identifying ways to improve.
Heifers graze on pasture

Consider the cost and energy density of feedstuffs when making the decision to supplement animals on pasture.
grazing cattle

Now is the time to make sure equipment is in good working order and you have enough quality feed for your herd this winter.
Holstein dairy cows grazing

Now is the time to evaluate the foraging potential of your pastures and preemptively consider any problems you may encounter grazing your herd this winter.
Tractor applying fertilizer

Fall is an ideal time to collect soil samples, evaluate nutrient levels and develop a management plan to reduce the cost of fertilizing and liming pastures.

Fall is the best time to test your pasture or hay field's nutrients and pH, and soil testing should be part of your land management strategy.