Friday, April 3, 2020

Learn more about EPDs that are related to grazing management.
cows eating

Now is a great time to plan and take inventory, not only of physical assets but also on the state of our feed supplies and grazing operation.

Learn to minimize the damage pigs can cause to pastures.
Quality feed

Learn how to determine the nutritional value of forage, how to choose necessary supplements and how to determine supplement costs.
foxtail at sunset

Foxtail and grass awns can cause some significant medical problems for grazing livestock, horses and companion animals. Learn to recognize the signs.

Plan ahead for the winter season to keep your cows in an adequate Body Condition Score (BCS) range prior to calving.

Forage nutrient analysis reveals nutrient content to determines forage value, which influences livestock feed amounts and the ability to preserve forages.

Foxtail is infamous for seeds that get caught in the gums of livestock, leading to feed rejection and potential infections. Learn how to combat this weed.
Horse eating hay

Learn how to recognize the symptoms of giving mold feed to livestock and minimize the impact it has on your farm.
baler and round bales

Having your forages analyzed is the only way to determine if hay will meet an animal's nutrient requirements during the winter.