Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Interest in homesteads with five acres or less is growing. However, grazing can be challenging on small acreage. Use these tips to manage small pastures.

Learn how to negotiate contracts for right-of-way or easements on your farmland. The two major points to consider are land usage and eminent domain.
longhorn tick

Learn more about the invasive Asian longhorned tick, where its new host range is located and what potential disease problems to look out for. 

Learn how to weigh the benefits of certain plants to the ecosystem against the risks to develop a weed management program in grazing and hay systems.

If you are one that will be short on hay, there are several things you can do to have enough for the winter.
grazing pasture

Cressleaf groundsel has been more noticeable in Ohio the past couple of springs with the cold, wet weather and very little field work being done.
multiflora rose

Learn how multiflora rose was introduced in the United States and how you can control it in your pastures.

A good veterinarian-client-patient-relationship is critical to the health of your livestock.
Spotted Knapweed

Familiarize yourself with this invasive weed so that you can become part of the solution to stop the spread of spotted knapweed.
cattle in pasture

Now is the time to start planning how to make the most out of our grass crop in our pastures.