Thursday, August 11, 2022
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When the summer slump hits producers are forced to consider pasture rotation, the timing of the next hay cutting, fertilizer application and backup plans.
multiflora rose

Knocking back woody perennials like multiflora rose takes effort. Proactive weed management is really the best approach in any pasture or fence line. 
cut hay

One way to make baled hay in only a two-day weather window is to make baleage. 
cattle pasture

Warm-season annuals forages have grown in popularity over the years to help fill in the forage deficient period we call summer. Explore your options.
cattle in a pasture

The grazing management system on your farm should focus on both the animals and the plants. 
electric fence

The ability of an electric fence to keep livestock in and predators out is determined by what type of fence you have, the energizer and proper grounding. 
cell phone

From field identification for plants to record-keeping and grazing plans, there are many apps to choose from for both iOS and Android systems.

Management intensive grazing is thought to be one of the best ways to maximize grazing capacity. Find out if it's a profitable strategy for your operation.
Spotted Knapweed

Ohio State Extension educator Christine Gelley remembers a recently deceased client as a diligent spotted knapweed scouter and urges readers to be like Joe.

If herbicides are what you need to tackle a problem, consider the temperature and timing and their impact on the product you are using.