Caspers show District Two champion


LISBON, Ohio – The Floyd Casper family of Hycrest Farms in Carrollton, Ohio, showed the grand champion at the District Two Holstein Show, held July 14 at the Columbiana County Fairgrounds.

Shaland Juror Monica first won the 4-year-old class before judge Bill Wachtel of Big Prairie tapped her for his grand champion.

Reserve champion honors went to Glenn-Art Conan Leader, shown by Brian Moff of Ouric Holsteins. Moff’s entry, the first-place aged cow, was named grand champion in the junior show.

Rudy Kiko of Salem showed the reserve champion in the junior show, Cricket Hill Drkstar Deba, from the 4-year-old class.

Junior champions. Hycrest Farm also showed the junior champion of the open show, Tri-Day RM Vestella. Katey Lora of Salem showed the junior champion in the youth show, Lorawae Durham Brenna.

Class winners. Exhibitors from Ohio and Pennsylvania brought 75 head to the district show. First- and second-place winners from the individual classes are as follows:

Spring heifer: 1. (open and junior) Rudy Kiko; 2. Floyd Casper and sons; 2. (junior) Birkhimer, Den-Bar Farms, Salem; winter heifer: 1. (open and junior) Katey Lora; 2. Casper; 2. (junior) Dye, Salem;

Fall heifer: 1. (open and junior) Katey Lora; 2. (open and junior) Whiteleather Farms, Minerva; summer yearling: 1. (open and junior) Rudy Kiko; 2. Casper; 2. (junior) Dye.

Spring yearling: 1. (open and junior) Katey Lora; 2. (open and junior) Heidi Moff, Columbiana; winter yearling: 1. Casper; 2. (and first junior) Elizabeth Moff, Canfield; 2. (junior) Heather Moff, Canfield.

Fall yearling: 1. (open and junior) Whiteleather Farms; 2. (open and junior) Brian Moff, Columbiana. Junior best three females: 1. Lorawae; 2. Whiteleather Farms.

Junior 2-year-old: 1. (open and junior) Neil Moff, Columbiana; 2. Casper; senior 2-year-old: 1. Casper; 2. Grant Cope.

Junior 3-year-old: 1. (open and junior) Neil Moff; 2. (open and junior) Brian Moff; senior 3-year-old: 1. Dale Lautzenheiser, Louisville; 2. Farin Temple, Green Valley Dairy, Georgetown, Pa.;

Four-year-old: 1. Casper; 2. Phillisway; 1. (junior) Rudy Kiko; 2. (junior) Elizabeth Moff; 5-year-old: 1. Casper; 2. (and first-place junior) Katey Lora;

Aged cow: 1. (open and junior) Brian Moff; 2. (open and junior) Neil Moff; 125,000-pound class: 1. Elizabeth Moff; dry cow, 3-4 years: 1. Brian Moff; dry aged cow: 1. Casper; 2. Lautzenheiser; 1. (junior) Katey Lora;

Best three females: 1. Ouric Holsteins; 2. Lautzenheiser; dam and daughter: 1. and 2. Ouric Holsteins; produce of dam: 1. Ouric Holsteins; 2. Lautzenheiser.


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