EPA approves new Bt corn from Mycogen and Pioneer


WASHINGTON – A new Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) corn plant-incorporated protectant has been conditionally registered for use until Sept. 30, 2001.

EPA granted this conditional registration May 25 after reviewing the results of experimental trials, analyzing scientific studies looking at both human health and environmental impacts, considering public comments, and consulting with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and with the USDA.

EPA determined that granting a conditional registration for this use would not pose unreasonable risks to public health or to the environment.

Battles insects.

The active pesticidal protein, called Cry1F, can help protect corn crops from such corn insect pests as the European corn borer, the Southwestern corn borer, the fall armyworm and the black cutworm.

The product was developed by Mycogen Seeds (a Dow AgroSciences company) and Pioneer Hi-Bred International. (a Dupont company).

EPA will use data from this time-limited registration as one component of its comprehensive reassessment of all Bt plant-incorporated protectants, scheduled for completion in September 2001.


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