Indiana County man’s ponies win at Farm Show


Owners Tim and Shelly Juart with their heavyweight winning team

HARRISBURG, Pa. — Tim Juart’s team of ponies pulled more than four tons of weight to win the heavyweight class in the pony pull at the 2012 Pennsylvania Farm Show.

Juart, from Smicksburg, Indiana County, had three chances to properly hitch his ponies to the weighted sled, then drive them as far as they could go. They pulled 8,100 pounds more than 13.5 feet.

Mark Minton, of Beaver County, owned the winning lightweight team that pulled a 5,400-pound sled more than 13.5 feet.

From Renfrew, Butler County, Carl and Carrie Ealy’s winning middleweight team pulled 6,300 pounds for 11 feet and 9 inches.

Each team consisted of two ponies that were categorized into three weight classes according to the total team weight.

The three weight classes are: lightweight (up to 1,450 pounds), medium weight (between 1,451 and 1,850 pounds) and heavyweight (between 1,851 and 2,400 pounds).

Once the ponies were properly hitched to the sled, a quick word from their driver sent them lunging forward. A team must pull the sled at least 13.5 feet to advance to the next round of increased weight on the sled.

Winners for each of the three classes are:

Lightweight Winners: 1. Mark Minton, Beaver, Beaver Co.; 2. Bobby Howard, Normalville, Fayette Co.; 3. Ron Haley Jr., Mercer, Mercer Co.; 4. Harley Blake, Volant, Lawrence Co.; 5. Doug Blake, Mercer Co.; 6. Carl and Carrie Ealy, Renfrew, Butler Co.; 7. Howard Blake, Mercer Co.; 8. Clint Jenny, Rochester, Beaver Co.; 9. Daniel Ferringer, Shelocta, Armstrong Co.
Mediumweight: 1. Carl and Carrie Ealy, Renfrew, Butler Co.; 2. Harley Blake, Volant, Lawrence Co.; 3. Heather Howard, Normalville, Fayette Co.; 4. Bobby Howard, Normalville, Fayette Co.; 5. Russ Ferringer, Indiana, Indiana Co.; 6. Corey Wagner, Spring Run, Franklin Co.; 7. Larry and Harold Blake, Volant, Lawrence Co.

Heavyweight: 1. Tim Jurt, Smicksburg, Indiana Co.; 2. Billy Howard, Acme, Westmoreland Co.; 3. Carl Ealy, Renfrew, Butler Co.; 4. David Ferringer, Shelocta, Armstrong Co.; 5. Harley Blake, Volant, Lawrence Co.

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