Monday, March 4, 2024
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The Michigan Auctioneers Association announced that Brad McGovern has clinched the title at the 2024 Michigan Auctioneers Association Championship.

Auctions are a part of rural life. So, it was jarring when all live auctions in Ohio were canceled because of COVID-19. But companies are adapting.

Here's a list of Farm and Dairy auction and event listings in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Kentucky that have been canceled or postponed due to the coronavirus.

The KIKO Co. has teamed up with Akron-based Young's Auction Service to grow its real estate and auction services in all of northeast Ohio.

The Ohio Auctioneers Association inducted Bart Sheridan and the late Paul Good into its Hall of Fame, and Wayne Yoder won the state's bid-calling championship.

Sam Moore shares a story Kate Sanborn (1839-1917), a teacher, lecturer and writer, wrote in 1891 of her experiences attending auctions.

USDA advises that any producers who have not received payments for animals sold through the Westminster Livestock Auction should file a claim.

The way that cattle and livestock are sold continues to change, but weekly auctions still play an important role.

Metzger Property Services introduced four new auctioneers to its team.

In the end, no amount of “stuff” could ever equal Alan Guebert's father's good health, abiding friends, deep faith and 89 years to enjoy it all.