Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Who are the biggest water users and where could we cut back? Alan Guebert investigates these questions in this week's column.

There are several different methods of feeding large round bales of hay. Learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Using the "turn it on and off a few times and see if that helps" troubleshooting method may qualify you to be a rocket scientist, according to Kym Seabolt.
planting wheat

Problems in Kansas planting their hard red winter wheat is supporting both the Kansas City and Chicago wheat markets.

Hello from Hazard! Several of you have identified Item No. 1116, which was an "unknown use" item for veteran Hazard reader Randy Winland, who submitted...

Hello from Hazard! We had one more correct answer come in on Item No. 1115, which we revealed last week were sheet metal crimping pliers. Richard...

Hello from Hazard-land! I love it when we're on a roll! You all quickly identified Item No. 1115 as a sheet metal crimping pliers. It's...
Farmer milking cows

More cows and more milk in domestic and foreign markets, as well as a relatively strong dollar and uncertain policy, have wreaked havoc on milk markets.

Hello from Hazard! Gailey Henderson, of Williamstown, W.Va., and David Hodges were quick to email us that Item No. 1114 was a "saddle hammer," or...
One Post Bed

Pioneers did not have many of the conveniences we enjoy today, starting with sleeping arrangements and living conditions inside cramped cabins.
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