Saturday, August 13, 2022

Eliza Blue is living and appreciating every second of her patchwork life with her children in tow.
pennsylvania farm

Alan Guebert breaks down the $40 billion in the proposed budget reconciliation bill that's earmarked for USDA conservation and climate change projects.
rabbit in a top hat

Judith Sutherland reflects on the magic and wonderment of her own childhood as she considers her grandson's fascination with a magic show he enjoyed.
chopping corn silage

Now is the time to be reviewing, servicing and preparing equipment used in the silage harvest process so that downtime doesn't decrease your silage quality.
corn and soybean fields

Temperatures more moderate than forecast for the corn belt have caused grain prices to dip on the Chicago Board of Trade, Marlin Clark explains.

Bryce Angell shares a story about putting his trust in a fellow cowboy to make a quick return to camp from the Utah desert.
alfalfa field

Reflect, plan and then implement plans for some key farming particles that will be occurring during the next five months of the year.

A joyful, larger-than-life, friend to all is how Judith Sutherland will forever think of her late brother-in-law, Dick Sutherland.

It's time to assess what your winter forage needs will be and make plans based on your requirements and availability of the potential forage acres you farm. 

Alan Guebert recalls the eccentricities of the humble family vacations of his youth, still amazed that his parents managed a week’s vacation every August.