Friday, October 30, 2020
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Field tests showed that subsidence-related deformation could occur if a support pillar is not suitably sized.

A short history of the rise and fall of Benham, Kentucky.

And, due to the continuing technological and economic advantages of gas over coal, the decline in coal is expected to continue decades into the future.

The Energy Information Administration’s latest Short-Term Energy Outlook projects energy-related CO2 emissions from natural gas to be 10 percent greater than those from coal in 2016.

Sutherland meets a woman from a small mining town in West Virginia like the one she enjoys reading about in a Homer Hickman novel.

NELSONVILLE, Ohio — Recently, forest supervisor Anne Carey of the Wayne National Forest, issued a decision to consent to U.S. Department of Interior, Bureau...

Rosebud Mining Co. will be able to mine new coal reserves, but under strict water quality regs, at a site of major acid mine drainage in Pennsylvania.

Take a ride in eastern Ohio and it is evident the landscape is changing. In some areas, driveways for gas well sites are being constructed, well pads are being poured and drilling is commencing, all for the much-touted energy boom.

Historic western Pa. farm fighting to survive, surrounded by longwall mining.

The Mains say their farm will never be the same after long wall mining went through the property.