Tuesday, November 28, 2023
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The Ohio Third District Court of Appeals is blocking construction of a natural gas pipeline on Union County farmland preserved with agricultural easements.

Policy discussions at the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation's annual meeting covered farmland preservation, eminent domain and impact fees for solar. 

Ohio's Third District Court of Appeals heard oral arguments in eminent domain cases involving preserved farmland in Union County on Nov. 22.

A Mahoning County landowner who is fighting an eminent domain case over a bike trial expansion lost his appeal with the state’s highest court.

he 7th District Court of Appeals recently ruled that the park district did not have the power of eminent domain when it sued to get a permanent easement on the railroad bed that runs through Diane Less’s property. 

A Union County judge has rejected Columbia Gas of Ohio’s request to approve eminent domain to install a pipeline through preserved farmland.

A reader shares the story of land seized from a farmer near the village of Lagrange, concluding eminent domain may be legal, but perhaps not ethical. 

A Common Pleas Court held its first hearing to determine whether Columbia Gas can put a pipeline through preserved farmland in Union County, Ohio.

Although Dominion Energy and Duke Energy canceled the Atlantic Coast Pipeline in July 2020, landowners are still wondering what will happen to their land.

Attorneys for the Bailey family filed two lawsuits July 12 to force the Ohio Department of Agriculture to defend its land from the pipeline and to stop Columbia Gas of Ohio from moving forward with eminent domain proceedings.