Monday, March 4, 2024
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Attorneys for Mike and Barb Cameron asked for the suit, filed by Mill Creek MetroParks, to be dismissed on July 6, citing language in the budget bill that would prevent a park district from taking land for a recreational trail.

The Stark Parks renewal levy passed with 61% of the vote, giving funding to the park district, despite a campaign by farmers to have the issue voted down.

An Ohio bill aims to give landowners another avenue to fight eminent domain for recreational trails.

Voters will soon decide the fate of funding for Stark Parks. The county farm bureau came out against a levy to maintain funding for the parks.

State legislation that would limit the powers of eminent domain in Ohio is facing opposition from a number of local governments and recreation groups.

The North Country Trail is being built one handshake at a time. It doesn't have the power of eminent domain so it relies instead on building relationships.

Mill Creek MetroParks wants to extend its rails-to-trail bikeway and is using eminent domain to get the land it needs. Landowners are fighting back.

Pennsylvania legislation amends eminent domain laws. Now known as Act 45, it limits the ability to use eminent domain on land in conservation easements.