Sunday, May 22, 2022
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About 850 acres along the Richland-Huron County line recently sold at auction for $7.4 million, with more land that will sell in 2018.

Talk with your local district conservationist about planting on highly erodible ground.

The Ohio Senate has approved CAUV reform in its version of the state operating budget.

Both chambers of the Ohio legislature have now approved bills calling for CAUV reform.

The House budget bill included CAUV reform, and a Senate bill is also still being heard.

School and county auditor associations say that reducing CAUV values for farmers could be costly for others.

The push for CAUV reform continues, with additional parties presenting testimony.

When it comes to personal property, farmers and rural landowners have a lot at stake. Learn more about how to better protect your personal assets.

Farmers continue their effort to improve Ohio's farmland tax formula, known as CAUV.

Revising the farm real estate (CAUV) tax formula and compiling data on the density of livestock in Ohio’s watersheds lead the Ohio Farmers Union’s list of public policy priorities for the year.