Wednesday, October 4, 2023
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People make the mistake of keeping their pet dogs away from their livestock dogs. It doesn't have to be that way, according to Tarma Shena.

Meet Lira. Her confidence in Tarma Shena took time to develop, but she has never questioned her own skills. Smarts that girl has in spades.

Does thinking differently, having different priorities, or different solutions make a species more or less intelligent than humans? Why do we care so much?

Tarma Shena takes a look at how the dogs she breeds now are better — and not better — than the ones she bred years ago.

Tarma Shena discusses why a solid, healthy livestock guardian dog pack is important, especially when adding an outside dog.

Each livestock guardian dog processes information differently and that is never more apparent than when Tarma Shena adds a new type of livestock.

Tarma Shena turns to her veteran livestock guardian dogs to help teach her young pups lessons, as she tightens training up before the winter season.

With her two new livestock guardian dog puppies in training, Tarma Shena works to adjust expectations and methods to fit their learning styles.

One puppy is easy. The other has sass and intelligence to spare. Tarma Shena begins her journey in raising them both, individually, and as part of the pack.

A pandemic-weary Rebecca Miller gets away and finds a sense of normal "north of most things."