Stories by Beverly Riddle

Landowners: Ask before you build

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Landowners in Ohio are experiencing site development problems associated with building on mine land. These problems can lead to expensive repairs or demolition of the building due to total structural failure when settling occurs, landslides develop or mine gases are encountered. As rural areas are developed for residential and/or recreational purposes, abandoned mine land is […]

Landowners have responsibilities, too, when it comes to oil and gas leases

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Could you use some extra money? There are few of us that can say no to that question. Landowners often consider selling minerals, timber, coal, oil, gas, topsoil, development rights, carbon, or wind — but what are the ramifications of these agreements? How and for how long will they affect you and your heirs? Before […]


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About Beverly

After graduating from Ohio State University, Beverly Riddle taught at Carrollton High School and worked for Jefferson County OSU Extension with the 4-H and Home Economics programs. Her passion for farming and serving on the Jefferson SWCD Board and Ohio SWCD Area 3 Director led her to the Belmont Soil & Water Conservation District where she became Program Administrator in 1999.