Sunday, September 26, 2021

Rush and Merle Bryan

Vintage farm photo, Brunner Farm

Rush and Merle Bryan, and his grandparents’ Ashtabula County farm on Stanhope Kelloggsville Road, near Leon, Ohio, in 1913. His father, Harold Bryan, is one of the youngsters seated in front, on the left, with his younger brother. When his grandfather moved to the farm from Parks Road, Sycamore, he rode in the railroad cattle car with his 10 cows and horses.
Mr. Bryan shares a great story: Seems his father graduated from Dorset High School, but his brother graduated from nearby Andover High School. When Arden asked his father why, his father said his brother didn’t want to ride the horse to Dorset, so he and the neighbor boys walked to Leon, and rode the train to Andover!