Do you recognize Item No. 1269?

Item No. 1269
Item No. 1269

Hello from Hazard!

I’ve received one more guess on Item No. 1268 before I reveal which guess is most likely to be its identity.

After initially identifying 1268 as a hoof trimmer for horses, Edie Shultz, of Suffield, Ohio, took a closer look, noticing the adjustable screw, and came to the conclusion it is an adjustable wrench that was used on the farm.

Item No. 1268 generated a dozen guesses, ranging from a cow teeth puller to channel locks and including quite a few interesting and creative theories in between. I really enjoyed each and every response.

The narrative that seems most likely to be correct is Clark Colby’s guess from two week ago, which identified it as a set of pipe tongs. Included in the email he sent was a link to a very similar item, which can be viewed at

Item No. 1268 is 17.25 inches long and features what appear to be two long handles with an adjustable pivot point and atypical jaws. It was submitted by Western Columbiana County Historical Society.


Item No. 1269
Item No. 1269

Item No. 1269 is the fourth item in a series shared with us by Western Columbiana County Historical Society. It’s 18 inches long and wooden with a metal strap on the left end and a center piece on the bottom that hinges out a little.

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