Ashland Co. dairy producers honored


JEROMESVILLE, Ohio — Ashland County dairy producers were recognized for their accomplishments during the annual Ashland County Dairy Service Unit banquet.

Ayers Farm, ranked in the top five percent in the state for production, was named as the top 3X herd in Ashland County for milk, fat and protein with 28,437 pounds of milk, 986 pounds of fat and 827 pounds of protein.

Rounding out the top 3X herds for milk fat and protein were Willow Brook Farm, with 23,791 pounds of milk, 818 pounds of fat and 723 pounds of protein and Idylwild Farms with 22,478 pounds of milk, 838 pounds of fat and 709 pounds of protein.

Willow Brook also had the county’s lowest somatic cell count for 3X herds with 132,000.


The top Holstein cows, for milk, fat and protein on 3X were owned by Ayars Farm. The top cow for milk produced 32,891 pounds of milk, while the top Holstein for fat produced 1,558 and the top Holstein for protein produced 1,040 pounds of protein.

U-DeanFarm had the top 2X herd in Ashland County for milk, fat and protein with 23,821 pounds of milk, 885 pounds of fat and 735 pounds of protein.

Rounding out the top 2x herds were Harpster Enterprises 21,202 pounds of milk, 832 pounds of fat and 673 pounds of protein; Emerald Quest with 21,062 pounds of milk, and 684 pounds of protein; Steve Gilbert with 19,348 pounds of milk, 734 pounds of fat and 604 pounds of protein; and Eli Yoder with 16,456 pounds of milk, 784 pounds of fat and 602 pounds of protein.

Steve Gilbert had the county’s lowest somatic cell count for 2X herds with 53,000.


The top Holstein cows for milk on 2X was owned by Harpster Enterprises and produced 32,292 pounds of milk. Harpster Enterprises also had the top Holstein for protein with 975 pounds of protein.

U-Dean Farm had the top 2X Holstein for fat with 1,361 pounds of fat. Eli Yoder had the county’s top Jersey cow with completed a record of 23,669 pounds of milk, 1,150 pounds of fat and 830 pounds of protein. Idyl Wild Farms had the top Brown Swiss cow for milk, fat and protein with 30,566 pounds of milk, 1,024 pounds of fat and 926 pounds of protein.

The county’s top crossbred with 28,153 pounds of milk and 963 pounds of fat and 874 pounds of protein was owned by Emerald Quest.

Lifetime awards

High lifetime production awards went to Ayers Farms, Brightbill & Gem Hill Farm, Idyl Wild Farm and U-Dean Farms, Clair Oberholtzer, Falling Star Farms and Harpster Enterprises.

Ayars Farms received special recognition for having two cows with lifetime production totaling over 300,000 pounds of milk.

During the banquet junior exhibitors from the Ashland County Junior Fair dairy show were recognized for their participation in the show.

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