Ashland Dairy Unit honors top herds


JEROMESVILLE, Ohio – Two Ashland County dairy farms were recognized as the top herds in the county during the Ashland County Dairy Service Unit’s annual meeting at Hillsdale High School.

Top herd awards.

Ayers Farm was recognized as the top 3X herd with 28,733 pounds of milk and 873 pounds of protein. Glenn Mutchler’s GEM Hill Farm was recognized as the top 2X herd with 26,089 pounds of milk, 952 pounds of fat and 822 pounds of protein.

These two herds also rank in the top 5 percent in Ohio.

The farms also had the top Holstein cows for milk and protein with Ayers Farm’s cow producing 38,290 pounds of milk and 1,089 pounds of protein and Mutchler’s cows producing 35,020 pounds of milk and 1,052 pounds of protein.

Milk and protein honorees.

Other farms recognized for top cows for milk and protein were:

* Walkabout Farm (Jersey cows) with 24,760 pounds of milk and 902 pounds of protein

* John Boyer (Brown Swiss) producing 24,400 pounds of milk and 819 pounds of protein, and 24,160 pounds of milk and 830 pounds of protein

* Mohican Forty-Guss Rupp (Ayrshire) with 17,000 pounds of milk and 578 pounds of protein

* G.T. McConnell for (Guernsey), producing 16,570 pounds of milk and 496 pounds of protein and 15,470 pounds of milk and 525 pounds of protein.

Most-improved winners.

U-Dean Farms, with 23,993 pounds of milk, 767 pounds of protein and 855 pounds of fat, was recognized as the county’s most improved herd for protein production with an increase of 65 pounds of protein.

Robert Brightbill, with 23,367 pounds of milk, 728 pounds of protein, and 796 pounds of fat, John Boyer with 21,518 pounds of milk, 665 pounds of protein, and 805 pounds of fat, was recognized as the most improved herd for milk production with an increase of 3,016 pounds of milk.

During the banquet, the junior fair dairy exhibitors and dairy products auction supporters were recognized.

Directors elected.

Jeff Jacobs, Terry Swaisgood and Ryan Welch were elected to serve on the board of directors for the Ashland County Dairy Service Unit.


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