Budget policy fits farmers’ needs


WASHINGTON – As House Agriculture Committee members complete more than 30 hours of hearings on upcoming farm policy, House and Senate budget negotiators have agreed to provide the additional resources needed to rewrite current farm policy this year.

House Agriculture Chairman Larry Combest, R-Texas, said the extra $79 billion committed to agriculture within the budget resolution agreement will provide sufficient funding to address income shortfalls for producers’ 2001 crop year, as well as provide stronger and predictable farm policy for the future.

“The commitment from House Agriculture Committee members focuses first on producers’ goals for flexible and predictable farm policy,” said Combest.

“Farmer and commodity groups have detailed the policy needs, Congress has again proven support for rural America in this budget, and the House Ag Committee can now move to complete the rewrite of farm policy this summer.”

For agriculture, the budget resolution commits an additional $79 billion over 11 years – $5.5 billion in fiscal year 2001 and $73.5 billion from 2002 through 2011.


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