English-Spanish dictionary helps on-farm communications


BALZAC, Alberta – Alta Genetics has recently launched an exclusive new edition of a Spanish-English pocket dictionary that focuses on important dairy farm terms.
About the dictionary. The easy-to-use, pocket-size publication is organized into subject areas and presents common terms used in different areas of dairy management.
Key terms in areas like cow health, reproduction and milking procedures are covered. The exclusive Alta product highlights the company’s continuing commitment to building effective communication on dairies, and to bridging what has been referred to as a culture gap between dairy managers and their employees.
“Today’s progressive dairies depend on accurate and open communication between employees and managers,” said Charlie Perotti, director of Alta’s reproductive management and consulting service called AltaPreg.
Language barrier. “We’ve found improvements in communication can produce better results in both the milking parlor and in reproduction, so we wanted to offer an everyday solution to our clients,” Perotti said.
The presence of Hispanic dairy workers has spread across the United States, and many dairies depend on the valued contributions they make daily.
However, a 2005 study by Cornell University researchers indicated that when it comes to speaking English, a startling 94 percent of Hispanic dairy workers could only speak some or none at all.
Not surprisingly, 96 percent of dairy managers in the same study found that the language barrier was one of the biggest obstacles they faced.
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