Exhibitors go home happy with champion Holsteins in Northwest Pa. Holstein Show


STONEBORO, Pa. – Mount Hope RO 147 almost had a championship sweep of the junior youth and open shows in the Northwest Holstein Championship Show at the Stoneboro Fairgrounds in Stoneboro, Pa.

The heifer, owned by Steven Kinkade, won the junior champion in the youth show, but bowed to Christy Hindman’s junior champion Highland-H Norman Carla in open the show, but still won reserve junior champion.

Jacob Karns’ Vir-Tom Gibson pearl won the reserve champion in the youth show.

Conno-Q Blackmark lollipop, owned by Katie McKissick, took home the grand championship banner in the youth show.

Also in the youth show, Frankie Rapp’s O’Colter Leo Marky won the reserve grand champion.

In the open show, Deep Valley Starz Sherry, owned by James Kahler, took the grand champion title.

Highland-H Stardust lollipop, owned by Christy Hindman, left Stoneboro with two titles: reserve grand champion in the open show and best bred and owned.

Class standings. Top two places in the individual classes went to the following exhibitors:

Spring calf: 1. (open) Alright farms; 2. (open) Jim Kahler; 1. (junior) Katie Bednarski; 2. (junior) Alexis Caldwell.

Winter calf: 1. (open and junior) Steven Kinkade; 2. (open and junior) Maggie Moore.

Fall calf: 1. (open) Eaton, Franken and Scharver; 2. (open) Carrie Wack and Heidi Bernarding. 1. (junior) Michelle Morian; 2. (junior) Renee Gerber.

Summer yearling: 1. (open) Jim Kahler; 2. (open and junior) Heidi Bernarding; 2. (junior) Carrie Wack.

Spring yearling: 1. (open and junior) Jacob Karns; 2. (open and junior) Jenna Dahl.

Winter yearling: 1. (open) Holly Deeter; 2. (open) Brian Hindman. 1. (junior) Emily Davis 2. (junior) Alan Irwin.

Fall yearling: 1. (open) Christy Hindman; 2. (open) Jeffery and Rob McKissick; 1. (junior) Vincent Stainbrook; 2. (junior) McFarland Holsteins.

Junior best females: 1. Highland-H Farm; 2. Alright Farms.

Dry cow four and under: 1. Eaton, Frankin and Riddle; 2. Mathew Gibbons.

Dry cow five and over: 1. Dale Hindman; 2. Larry Dunkerly.

Junior 2-year-old: 1. (open) Jim Kahler and Marion Andrew; 2. (open and first place junior) Travis Moore; 2. (junior) Alexis Caldwell.

Senior 2-year-old: 1. (open) Ray Anthony and Dale Hindman; 2. (open and first place junior) Gregory Byham; 2. (junior) Maggie Moore.

Junior 3-year-old: 1. (open, junior and second place junior) McFarland Holsteins.

Senior 3-year-old: 1. (open and junior) Katie McKissick; 2. (open) Dale Hindman, Ray Anthony and Stephan Vanco. 2. (junior) Amanda Coulter.

4-year-old: 1. (open) Jim Kahler and Marion Andrew; 2. (open) Christy Hindman; 1. (junior) Mathew Gibbons.

5-year-old: 1. Dane Yeager; 2. McFarland Holsteins.

Aged: 1. Ducandell Holsteins; 2. Jennifer Dickey.

Senior best three females: 1. Highland-H Farm; 2. Amoore Farm.

Dam and daughter: 1. Andrew McKissick; 2. Dane Yeager.

Produce of dam: 1. Highland-H Farm; 2. Jim Kahler.

125,000 pound: 1. Dale Hindman.


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